5 Really Useful iPhone Features You Might Not Know

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We all have our favourite features when it comes to our iPhones, and there are many that most of us are not even aware of. In this post, I am going to take you through 5 really useful iPhone feature that I either use daily or come in very useful from time to time.

Turn your keyboard into a trackpad:

This one is relatively new to me but it is such a great feature. If you are anything like me and also making mistake typing out a message or missing out a word then you are going to love this. When you have your keyboard open all you have to do is hold down on the spacebar for a couple of seconds and then the keyboard will become greyed out. Still pressing down you will then be able to move your cursor to where you want it to go to add or edit some text.

screenshot of trackpad iPhone Feature

Scanning Documents using Notes

I had been using third-party apps in the past to scan documents on the odd occasion that I needed to and not all of them were that great. I also didn’t want to pay for an app as I wasn’t using it all the time and then I came across the feature in Notes that allows you to scan your documents (life-changing 🙂).

Simply open a new note and press the camera icon on the bar above the keyboard. This will then open up a list with a few options and one of those been scan documents. Get your document and hold you phone camera above it and keep a shot you can then adjust it and save it or retake if you are not happy with the first attempt. Make sure you save the scan, you can then tap into the scanned photo and from there you can share via email, airdrop or message.

screenshot of scan doc

Spotlight Search

A must know feature in my opinion. If you are looking to have a more minimal phone set up and not having all your apps on your home screen pages, then this feature will allow you to have that perfect minimalist setup. There are two ways that you can get the spotlight search bar up on your phone.

  1. On your home screen, there is a bubble just above the dock called search. All you have to do is tap on this to open up the search.
  2. Pulling down from the middle of your screen

Once you have the search Open you will see your recent search as well as Siri Suggestions which provides quick access to your frequent and recently used apps. If the app you are looking for is not there you can just start typing the app’s name and it will bring up the top hits. You can also search for websites etc. the same as with spotlight on your Mac or iPad.

Another way to search for apps that you don’t have on your home screen is to swipe across your pages till you get to the App Library and you can search from there as well.

Drag and Drop

Another really useful feature is the drag-and-drop feature, this can be a bit fiddly but once you get the hang of it becomes really easy. This is great for when you want to put a picture from the web or even your photos into an email or a note. All you have to do here is hold and press the photo that you want to move, and drag it somewhere else on the screen. Keep hold of the photo and use your other hand to close the app and open up your email or notes and simply drop it in.

this doesn’t just work on photos your can drag and drop articles etc. in the same way, really useful if you want to keep a list of articles to read or are researching. Again this is a feature that may not be that well known but can be super useful in a number of scenarios and definitely worth knowing about, just remember to keep hold of the app till you are in the other app.

Deleting Multiple Tabs

Last but certainly not least in my book as this irritated me for a long time. If you have a load of tabs open in Safari and you want to delete you don’t actually have to delete them one tab at a time. This was so annoying so when I found this one out it made my day.

To delete all the tabs, open up the tabs view and then in the bottom right corner of your screen long press on Done. You will then see close all tabs pop up and all you have to do is press that and all of your open tabs will close.

You can also do this in the Mail App, when you select multiple emails that you want to delete rather than selecting move long press on Archive. These will bring up two options for you, archive selected messages or delete selected messages which is a nice quick easy way to delete those emails.

screenshot of close tab

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