Apple Magsafe Wallet Review

Hi everone in this weeks post I wanted to share with you my thoughts on the Apple MagSafe Wallet. I am a massive fan of Apple so it was no surprise when I bought this accessory however there was some actually reasoning behind the purchase (for a change). 

I have been looking to reduce the size of my purse and the amount of cards that I carry around with me as part of my quest to have less crap. One of the other main reasons for buying this is that I am not really a handbag person so my purse would ultimately get chucked into my coat or jeans pocket or I would have to carry it round in my hand which is annoying. I know that you can get wallet like cases for you phone already but I am not a fan of the ones that close across the screen so when I saw this on the apple website it looked to be a good solution.

So let’s get into some of the detail of the wallet itself. The wallet is leather with a nice fine stitching around the edge to give it that nice high-end finish which I love. This does come in 4 different colours but i went for the black as it matches my Apple Leather MagSafe case that I am currently rocking on my Apple 12 Pro Max.

It holds 3 cards comfortably and it is pretty easy to get them out and but it is also a tight enough fit so the cards don’t slip out. On the back of the wallet there is a thumb slot where you push up onto the back of the cards to release them from the wallet, I would say that you have to push fairly hard but I personally think this is good as it means that your cards are pretty secure. This really easily connects to your iPhone and it stays there with the magnets, you might have to move it into place a bit but generally I find it snaps into place. I have read some reviews where people say that it comes off easily but I cant say that I have had this issue.

It’s easy to remove from from your phone when you need to get to your cards but not easy enough to come off when removing it from your pocket for instance. As I have the 12 Pro Max I think that the size of the wallet works really well with the phone I am not sure how much space it would take up on the 12 but I would have thought it would take up most of the back. An other added benefit is that it actually makes the phone sit nicely in your hand so it makes typing on the phone that bit more comfortable or at least that’s what i have found. 

One thing to bare in mind though when you are purchasing the magsafe wallet is that if you have a case for you phone you will need to make sure that it is magsafe compatible. I previously had a Spigen case (a great case by the way) which was not designed for magsafe so had to invest in a new case for my 12 Pro Max (Apple Leather case).

So all in all I think that this is a great wallet albeit a bit on the pricey side compared to other similar products that are out there. However if you are an apple fan then I don’t think that the price is going to put you off from buying this product and I would certainly recommend it. However if you are not one of those apple crazy people (like me)that has to have the latest apple accessory then there are far cheaper alternative out there that I am sure will do the job.


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