Apple Reminders Review – Best To-do App for Those in the Apple Ecosystem?

Like the Apple Notes App, I have started to use the native Reminders App more and more over the past year.  If you are in the Apple Ecosystem and you use a to-do list and like to set reminders then this is certainly one to look at and here are my thoughts on why. 

Native App:

If you have any apple device the Reminders App will be on it. This also means that if you are in the Apple Ecosystem and have multiple devices then it will sync across all of them pretty seamlessly, which is one of the reasons I started using it. One of the other bonuses of this is that it’s free and already installed on your Apple Devices so no need to fork out any money or even head to the App Store to download it. 


I use the Reminders App mainly for making To-Do Lists. What I like about it is that I can make several different list folders under the My List sections on the sidebar of the App. So for instance I have a list for my blog, personal and work as well as a specific list for today which is for all the things that I need to complete on the day. It is also so easy to just create a new list you just click on Add List at the bottom of the sidebar next from there you can create your list and choose an icon to assign to it. 

Smart List:

Similar to Smart Folders in the Notes App you can also create Smart Lists. To make a smart list you again go into Add List and create your list name, and assign your icon, to make it smart you then just need to click on mark into a smart list. This means that you are able to use Tags which I will come on to organise your to-do’s automatically into the right list. This just makes it all a bit easier and less time consuming when it comes to managing things if you have created multiple lists 


Again this works in the same way as the tags that you have in Notes for organising into Smart Folders. For me, I just created a tag with the same title as all of my Smart Lists. So I can just go to create a new reminder add what it is I want to do and then in the notes add in for example this will then add this to my blog list. And it is as simple as that. You also have the ability to flag your reminders as well So you can go into a list and see which ones are the most important. You will also be able to see all the tags that you have to create in the tags section. 


As mentioned I mainly use this for To Do’s but I do also set up the odd reminder as well. It is essentially the same as creating a To-Do item but you add in an alarm which will then notify you at the time and date you have selected. I have a recurring one that is set for the same time every day which is really useful for reminding me to do that activity every day. This could be great to use if take daily tablets and want to make sure that you don’t forget to take them. 

Another feature that is nice and helps you see what you have on at a glance is the at the top of your Reminders App and you can see how many items are for today, scheduled, Flagged and Completed. You also have an all option as well so you have all your bases covered. 

So that’s it for me this is how I use Apple’s Reminders App on a day to day basis. But there are other cool ways that you can add reminders such as using Siri and just using your voice to add them in. I personally don’t do this but I might start trying to in the future, especially when I am out and about and it would be easier to use my voice instead of typing. 


I think that this is a really good To-Do App mainly because it’s free and across all of my Apple Devices. Now there are no doubt more feature packed To-Do list Apps out there but for me, this has just the right amount of functionality for what I want and need. Of course, you will only be able to use this if you have an Apple Device and it becomes really useful if you have more than one but there are other third party apps out there if you are looking for a bit more and that’s for another blog post. 

So if you have an Apple Device and love a list then I would certainly say give this a go it might just be right for your needs or it might not but it’s certainly a good option in my opinion. 


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