Blogging on Medium – 4 months of the Partner Program

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It’s been roughly four months since I was accepted into the Medium Partner Programme so I thought I would give you all a quick update on my progress and what sort of money I have been making monthly. 

For those of you that have not come across Medium before it is a blogging platform where you can just start writing. You don’t need a website you can just create a profile and get cracking. It also gives you a way to monetise your blog in a really easy way by joining their Partner Programme. You will need to have 100 followers to be able to apply but once accepted you just need to keep writing to earn money. 

For me I have found this great, I do have my own website (why not check my why I started post) so I put my content on there as well as Medium, they make this nice and easy by being able to import your story. So this is another revenue stream for my website/blog and to be fair my main revenue source currently. 

Now I am not making thousands or even hundreds at the moment but it’s a great start and it’s that bit of encouragement that I certainly needed to push forward. So what have I made since being accepted let’s have a look at the numbers:


How much money I have made:

As you can see the 4 months have not brought in massive numbers but I am still amazed by the fact that I have made $250 granted it’s less than when you take the tax off but still not shabby. I have also had months that I have not been that consistent with posting my 2 posts a-week goal so I think that will have affected these numbers a bit. 

None of my blog posts today have gone viral as such which of course would help with earnings. I am aiming to try and look a bit more at what blog posts have done well in terms of earnings as well as views and focus a bit more on that sort of content.

My Follower count:

Another metric to look at is my follower count. This has also seen some change and I have been consistently gaining around 100 followers a month which again blows my mind.

In the month that I saw bit jumps in followers, I was also seeing most of the blog posts being chosen for further distribution. This meant that more people were likely to see those blog posts and then ultimately follow me. Now I have no idea why some blog posts are chosen for further distribution over others but I like to think it’s down to my content getting better 🙂 

Blog Post Views

And then we are on to the final metric that I seem to be obsessed with checking on a daily basis, views.

I would say that I have been averaging around 3,000 views over a 30-day period which is not bad if I compare that to the number of views that I am getting on my website on a monthly basis (around 500 visits). In my best month, I topped the 7k views but again that was a consistent month which is vital really for success on Medium and blogging in general. 

All in all, I have seen the last few months a success and hope to increase the number of blog posts per week and remain consistent to grow even more. Publishing my blogs in publications has also been a game changer as again this opens up a wider audience to you. 

I would certainly recommend anyone that is thinking about starting a blog to seriously consider using Medium on its own or alongside your own website. It’s a great way to get your posts read and monetise those blog posts. You can create an account for free and publish your posts as well as reading other writers’ posts but there is a limited amount per month, to have unlimited access you will need to become a member. 

Becoming a member will set up back roughly £4.50 a month which in my opinion is well worth it and helps other writers by a portion of that membership fee going to Medium Partnership.


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