Building an App for Your Online Business

Alright, let’s talk digital. We’re all aware of the magic that’s possible in the digital space, right? Be it the captivating world of blogging, tech wizardry, or that entrepreneurial sparkle – there’s an app for almost everything these days. But wait! Before we dive in, forget that typical app-building jargon. Let’s chat in simple terms and think differently.

1. It’s Not About the Bells and Whistles

When dreaming of apps, it’s easy to get all starry-eyed with features. “This shiny button! That cool slide!” But hey, pause a sec. What’s the heart of your app? What’s that one big problem it’s going to solve? Get clear on that, and every other choice becomes a walk in the digital park.

2. Good Ol’ Pen and Paper

Fancy design tools? They’re great. But there’s something super cool about scribbling your app dreams with just a pen and paper. No artistry skills are required! Sketch out how you want things to look and flow. It’s like drawing a roadmap for your app journey.

3. Choose Unconventional Platforms

In the realm of SaaS development, there’s been a shift that’s worth chatting about. You know, when most folks hear “app development,” their minds instantly go to traditional coding methods or platforms like Swift for iOS or Java for Android. But there’s a fresh breeze in the landscape now. Ever heard of subscriptions for a service? These platforms are all about no-code or low-code development. So, even if you’re not a coding whiz, you can still jump into SaaS development and quickly iterate, test, and validate your innovative ideas without breaking the bank.   

4. Make it a Group Project

Heard of beta testing? Well, why not co-create your app with your community? Engage them, seek their two cents, and sprinkle in their genius. It’s like building an app ‘by the people, for the people.’ Plus, who doesn’t like feeling a part of something big?  

5. It’s Not Just a Phone Thing

Smart fridges. Smart cars. Even, get this, smart toasters! So why limit your app to just phones? Picture this: Your yoga app, not on a phone, but on a ginormous smart TV. Or a tasty recipe popping up right on a smart fridge. Cool, right?  

6. Show Me the Money! (But Not Just Ads)

Ads are okay, but they’re old school. What about subscriptions? Affiliate links? Heck, even a combo of free and premium goodies! Think about how your app can be more than just an app. Maybe it’s a ticket to your online course or a gateway to a bunch of physical products.  

7. Launch, Groove, and Move!

Once you hit that launch button, that’s when the party starts. Real folks will play around, explore, and give you their honest thoughts. Listen, tweak, and keep jazzing it up.   Creating an app for your biz isn’t just about going digital. It’s about vibing with your audience in a whole new way. So, sketch that dream, embrace the unconventional, and make some digital waves. The app universe is waiting for your unique flavour!  

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