Do You Really Need to go for the Pro Model iPhone?

I have had the Pro version of the iPhone for years, but this year I got to thinking, do you really need to go Pro? What is it that you are getting for that extra few hundred pounds? So I did something that many would consider to be stupid and ill thoughts out. I downgraded from my iPhone 14 Pro Max to the standard iPhone 14.

Now there are a few points that I want to cover in the post

  1. Refresh Rate (ProMotion)
  2. Always on Display
  3. Camera’s
  4. Battery Life
  5. Dynamic Island

So let’s take a look at each of these and if they are actually deal breaker for going for a Pro model or not.

Refresh Rate (ProMotion)

This was something that I did notice with the 14 Pro Max, which has a 120hz refresh rate compared to the 60hz that you get with the 14 model. Now although I said I did notice it after a few days, I didn’t. I quickly got used to it and didn’t really think about it all that much.

Other people might find the difference more noticeable and be more aware than myself of it. This is one reason why I think that Apple should have 120hz across the Standard and Pro Models. When I look at the Google Pixel 7a, which is substantially cheaper than the iPhone 14 Pro, has a refresh rate of 90hz.

Always on Display

This is a feature that is only on the Pro models, which has divided opinion. I actually liked having the always-on-display in its very Apple way, and it’s certainly something that I miss on the 14.

I like being able to see my widgets and notifications at a glance without having to tap my screen or pick up my phone. It’s a bit of a bug bare of mine that when I pick up my phone, Face ID kicks when I don’t always want it to. So having the always-on-display was useful in that respect.

This will only be an issue or, should I say, a consideration if you are upgrading from an earlier model. Hopefully, when the 15 series comes out, this will be across all models and not just reserved for the Pro Models.


There are a few differences when it comes to the camera. You go from having the Pro Camera System (Additional Telephoto Lens) on the Pro’s to a dual camera system on the regular 14.

The other main difference is that you will only get 12MP on the main camera compared to the 48MP on the Pro versions. The regular 14 model lacks the ability to take macro shots. Although I didn’t use this a whole lot, I do actually miss being able to use it on the odd occasion.

But even with these differences, the camera is more capable of what the majority of people would need and produces some lovely shots.

Battery Life

You are going to see a difference in the battery life as the Pros have a bigger capacity. But I personally don’t see that as an issue. I know battery life is at the top of the list for a lot of people, but it’s never been something that I have really been concerned about when deciding on my next phone.

Granted, it needs to last the day, but I charge my phone overnight, and I always have a charger on my desk, so it’s just not an issue for me. But if this is an important consideration for you, then for the best battery life, you will have to go for the Pro Max.

Dynamic Island

Again this is new to the 14 Pro lineup, but I wanted to mention it because I had it on my 14 Pro Max. This is not a deal breaker in its current state in my eyes. It’s a great idea, and I am sure that it will evolve over time to be super useful, but at the moment, I don’t or haven’t used it extensively.

Going to the 14 model, I can’t say that I really missed it and very quickly got used to the notch once again. This may be across the 15 series when it’s released in September, so again, it will not be a decision point if that comes to fruition.

Final Thoughts

So do you need to go for the Pro version? Well, that is very much a personal call. It will all come down to what you use your phone for and if you are prepared to forego some of the additional perks that you will get with a Pro Model.

For me, I could live with the regular 14 model, but I do miss a few things. The camera is good, but I am used to having a Telephoto and Macro lens. Although I have gotten used to the lack of ProMotion, it is nice to have.

But if these don’t bother you, save a few pounds and go with the regular. If you are someone who wants the best camera system iPhone has to offer, then it’s the Pro model for you.


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