ErgoDesks Apollo Lite Standing desk Review

I recently moved my office into my daughters room as she moved into the bigger middle room, which meant that I needed a new desk. I had been looking at sit-stand desk and seen lots of reviews on YouTube so I decided to take the plunge and invest in one myself. I purchased my new desk from a company called ErgoDesks and it was delivered the very next day which was great for me. So I have been using the desk for about a month now and wanted to give you my initial thoughts.

The look of this desk was important for me as I loved the look of my previous desk which was an off cut from my oak kitchen worktop. I decided to go for an oak coloured desk top again and although its a lot lighter than the oak desk I had its still a nice colour. It does come in a number of colours so if you want a darker finishes you can choose that as well. The legs come in black or white and I decided to go for black legs as think it give a nice contrast with the light oak top.

In terms of putting the desk together it was not too difficult but I felt that the instructions could have been a little bit clearly. I think all in all it took about an hour and a half to put together. It is a desk that you can put together by yourself but I would recommend having someone to help especially as some of the part are pretty heavy. 

The desk itself is really easy to use. It is electric so its just a case of holding a button and it will move up and down, it’s not slow and its not too quick. I did pay a little bit extra for a memory control so I have two settings set up. One setting is for standing and one for sitting so all I have to do is hold down the button I have set it against and it will move to the right height. There is one thing that I would have liked the memory control to do,  thats just been able to touch the button once as you have to hold the button down until it gets to the position that have been set.

The desk itself comes in 3 different sizes and I went for the middle size (140cm X 80Cm) which is the perfect size for my office space. There is plenty of space for all my tech and notebooks, I have also found that the extra depth that I have gotten really makes a difference and I feel like my workspace is a lot less cluttered. I think that this is really important for me to have a productive workspace that I enjoy spending my work day in. The desk also feels very secure and sturdy and can hold up to 80Kg so it is more than strong enough to support my ultra wide monitor and other tech bits.  

So the benefits of this desk I think are great. Being able to from sitting to standing at the push of a button makes my working environment more enjoyable. Been sat all day at a desk is not great for your back, neck etc. so standing whilst working is great and its get you up and moving. I find that I will wander about when standing especially as I have a wireless headset, it means that I am far less sedentary throughout the working day than I would have been before. For me I tend to spend my time sitting in the morning and more standing in the afternoon, I also find that I stand more at my desk when I am on conferences calls. 

Now I am not going to lie these sit-stand desks are not cheap but the cost has not bothered me as I think that the benefits have outweighed the cost for me. With the pandemic the vast majority of my time is spent working from home so my workspace is something that I have really invested in as I spend most of my time in it. I want my office to be a comfortable space and this certainly makes it that, so for me I would certainly recommend getting one of these desks if you are thinking about updating you setup. 


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