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Having a decent desk in your workspace, I believe, is important to ensure that you have the right environment for when you want to get work done. So when I recently got my hands on the Flexispot e7 Pro Standing Desk, I was keen to get incorporated into my work environment and put it through its paces.

I have had standing desks before but went back to my old desk mainly due to the size. My space is small, and the standing desk that I had was just a bit too big and bulky for the space. So when I got the Flexispot e7 Pro, I made sure that I opted for the smaller size option for it to fit my space whilst ensuring I had enough desk space.

Therefore, let’s dive into the features and experience that you get when using the Flexispot e7 Pro Standing Desk.


My previous experience of putting a standing desk together was interesting, to say the least, but I can honestly say that this was very straightforward. You can easily put this together by yourself, the instructions are clear and there are no fiddle parts to work your way through. I think it took me around an hour to put it together.



The Flexispot e7 Pro has a sleek design that will fit into any office space. I decided to go with the Bamboo desktop, which matches great with the white legs. The Bamboo is chemical-free and is 6 X times stronger than normal wood. This is said to be scratch-resistant now I can’t say that I have tried this, but I can say that my desk doesn’t have any to date. As well as this, it is also water-resistant, so you can say goodbye to watermarks 😊.

The legs are very sturdy and come in a semi-leg frame which allows for plenty of legroom and provides a sturdy feel to the desk. I have not experienced the wobble that I have when using other standing desks.

To fit into the small office space that I have I went for the smallest size, coming in at 48” X 24” which is the perfect size for me. It sits nicely in the small corner of my office space and makes the space feel appealing ready to get some deep work done.

Control Panel

Flexispot Control Panel

The e7 Pro comes with a digital display panel with a nice and simplistic design, which is in keeping with the desk. There are 4 different heights that you can preset, so you can change the position with one press. To program your preset, you get the desk to the height that you want and then hit the M button and then choose which of the 4 options you want it to be set at.

An enjoyable additional touch is that there is a USB-A port on the side of the panel. This means that you can use the desk to also charge some devices, the one thing that I would say is I wish it also had a USB-C port as well to cover all the bases.


Flexispot cable tidy

Flexispot sends you some accessories to enhance your desk setup and keep it organised.

Cable Tray & Cover

One of the accessories is to help with Cable Management, which can be an utter nightmare. Flexispot has recognised this and included a cable tray where you can safely tuck away all your cables. You will also get a magnetic fabric cable cover which will help to hide all of your cables from sight, keeping your desk looking spick and span.

Self Gripping Tape & Cable Clips

On top of the cable tray & cover, you will also receive self-gripping tape (79 inches in length). You can cut this to the size you need to group cables together. Also thrown in is a cable grip which you can stick to your desk as it has 3M tape on the bottom, keeping it in place to perfectly organise your charging cables etc.

Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed the first few weeks with the Flexispot e7 Pro Desk. For me, it’s the perfect size, giving me all the space that I need for my day-to-day work. It’s sturdy when sitting but more importantly when it’s moving from sitting to standing, and whilst in standing position.

As mentioned earlier in this post it’s important to have the right working environment. This desk will certainly support that and will help you to not be sat down at your desk all the time with the easy-to-change settings that can be programmed. If you are looking to improve your space with a standing desk then I would certainly recommend having a look at the Flexispot e7 Pro.


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