Govee TV Lights Review – How to Get That Cinema Feel at Home

So in the box, you get the two smart light bars and a camera which I will touch on later. You will also get a power plug and a remote that will allow you to control the lights without the app. 


I found that the setup was straightforward and only took around 15-20min. You will need to download the Govee app and set up an account if you don’t already have one. Once you have got the light bars in the place that you want them you need to put the camera on the top of your TV (in the Middle) 

It comes along with some sticky cube things that you will need to stick on your TV screen as per the instructions provided. These are needed for when you come to configure the camera so that it can pick up the colour details on the screen. I found that this was really quick and easy to do, it only took me about 5 min to get it configured and ready to use. 

On the actual light bar’s s you can install them vertically or horizontally on a flat surface or mounted onto your u PC/TV with a bracket. I decided not to mount them so that I can move them around easily if I want to in the future. 

Movie Light Modes:

So this is the reason that I wanted to buy these lights and where the camera comes into play. You will need to go into the app and once you connect to the light bars you will get some available, new modes and one of those is Video. 

By selecting Video Mode the camera will pick up the colours from the screen and will then match the colours on your TV bars. This means that you will get different colours across all the different scenes in the movie that you are watching. I love this feature as I feel it gives you an immersive viewing experience which makes movie night at home more special. This is not just for movie nights though you can have this on watching your favourite series etc.

There are other modes available such as music which work similarly. It will sync with your music by the way of an inbuilt mic which allows the light bar to sync with music or ambient sounds that come from your TV. There are four settings that you can choose from Vivid, Rhythm, Strike and Vibrate so you can choose from one of these whether it be for a live concert or a Karaoke evening in. 

Of course, you can just choose to have it set to just one colour to have on in the background, I enjoy having a warm light on in the evening meaning that I don’t have to have my main lights on. It brings a nice ambience to the room. 

Voice Controls:

As with most smart lights, you can get these days they come with voice control. These Govee ones support Alexa and Google Home and it’s easy to set up or at least I found it easy to set up on the Alexa App. A must have when you are heading up to bed and can’t be bothered to get your phone out to turn them off via the app. 

Smart App:

To get the most out of these lights you will need to download the Govee Home App. This allows you to control your lights from your phone and opens up more scene mode options. You can also set up your own DIY lighting modes if this is something that you like to do. I haven’t bothered doing this myself as there is already plenty of choices. 

If you choose to get any more Govee smart lights you will just need to add them using the app and you will then be able to control them from there as well. I have used a few different smart light apps and I have to say that this was by far the easiest to get up and running. 

In the app, you are also able to set up routines. This allows you to set a timer for when you would like your lights to come on and off. I haven’t used this feature yet as we only have the lights for the TV. I would definitely look at using this as and when I get more Govee lights for around the house. 

My Experience:

I was previously using the Philip Hue Play Bars before switching over to these and I am glad that I did, I have found that they are so much brighter. 

For me, the best thing about these lights is that movie mode. We love to watch a movie in our house so having the TV lights mimicking the lights coming from the TV makes it a great way to enjoy a cinematic feel. My daughter has also really enjoyed using these lights and will often ask me to put on the funky lights for her when she is watching her kid’s programmes. 

As mentioned these were easy to get up and running and I have had no issues with the app to date. My Hue lights did not play nicely with Alexa but I am pleased to report that she has no issues with connecting to these. 

The other point I would like to point out is the price and although not cheap there are reasonably priced compared to others such as the Philips Hue lights. I picked them up on Amazon Prime for £75.99 and you can often get vouchers for another 15% off so worth having a look.

So to close out would I recommend these lights t. Yes. For the price, I don’t think that you can go too far wrong with these. Against the other smart lights, I have used I have found that they are the brightest and the easiest to set up. So if you are looking to get some TV lights why not check these out. 

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