How To Improve Your Writing With Notion AI

I have been Notion now for a good couple of years to organise my blog content and publishing schedule, recently I saw that that had added a new feature called Notion AI so I thought I would give it a try.

What is Notion AI?

Notion AI is an intelligent assistant that is designed to help users manage and interact with their Notion workspace. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Notion AI can understand and process natural language input. Here are some of the things that it can do for you:

  • Summarise text into more manageable bites
  • Generate an outline for your blog post or emails
  • Create action items
  • Adjust the tone of your writing
  • Grammer and Spelling checks
  • Help with researching topics for your blogs

How to Access Notion AI

To use Notion AI, you will need to sign up to their monthly subscription to enable Notion AI:

  • Free Membership Plans will pay $10 a month
  • Any Paid Membership Plan will pay $8 per member

Once signed up, you will need to go into your workspace setting, and under the upgrade section, you will see under plans an enable Notion AI button, which you toggle on.

Once it’s enabled, you are good to go. You can trigger the AI assistant in a couple of ways.

  • Just hit the space bar – this is the quickest way.
  • /ai will bring up a list of pre-defined prompts that you can choose from.

How Notion AI Improves Your Writing

There are several ways that the Notion AI tool can help us budding writers out there. Below is not an exhaustive list, but are just some of the things it can help with.

  1. Creating an Outline (blog or email)
  2. Changing the tone of your writing
  3. Continue Writing
  4. Fix Grammar and Spelling Mistakes
  5. Summarise Text

There are other things that Notion AI can help with, such as creating pages, etc., but let’s dive into the five listed above and how they can be used to improve your writing.

1. Creating an Outline

This, for me, is one of the most valuable elements as it can help you create a structure for your blog post by providing section headings. This can help structure your thoughts and give you ideas of what to cover that you may not have thought of.

Picture of outline function in Notion AI

You can also ask Notion AI to write a draft blog post on your topic. You can then ask it to make that longer if you wish to or use it as a starting point. For me, I think it’s best to use it as a starting point or to help overcome a bit of writer’s block. You can take what’s given to you and edit and expand on the content.

This isn’t just for creating blog posts. It can also be used to generate instagram caption,s for instance. Just make sure that you edit were necessary.

2. Change the Tone of Your Writing

This is a useful feature in that if you want to change the tone of an article to be more friendly for instance then Notion ai can do that for you. This can be a particularly useful feature when writing emails and you want to tailor your tone to who you are sending it to.

3. Continue Writing

If you already have some text that you have written you can ask Notion AI to continue writing for you. Notion AI will take the text that you have added and try to expand on that and add in more detail.

Like with all of these you will need to proofread and edit the text at times. This can help when you want to expand on a certain point not quite sure what you want to say.

4. Fix Grammer & Spelling Mistakes

For those of you who write but have terrible spelling and grammar then Notion AI is your friend. I struggle with spelling so have a tool like AI to help me check through my posts etc is a god send. It might not pick every little error which is why I still pair this with one of my other blogging tools, Grammarly as a catch all.

5. Summarise Text

This can be useful for when you have a load of research that you have gathered. You could have copied and pasted an article that you have read into your Notion Workspace and you want a high-level summary. This is useful for when you just want to know the key facts/points of the of what you have written or of an article.

Final Thoughts

Notion AI can truly help all of us writer out there. In my opinion it’s not there to replace you writing a blog post or instagram caption, you should think about it as a writing assistance there to help with your workflow.

These are just some of the features that you can use with Notion AI it can be used to automate and auto fill tables taking data and turning it into clear information that you can take action on.

If you use Notion today or not then it certainly worth looking into the potential of Notion AI.



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