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iPhone 15 Pro

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I have been previously been using the iPhone 15 Pro Max but recently I had to change my to iPhone 15 Pro. Not a change that I would have chosen to make if I had not had to but over the past few months its grown on me more and more. There are couple of reasons for this:

  1. The Size
  2. More or less the same features

However there are somethings that where a bit annoying and took a bit of time to get used to

So let’s talk about more about the iPhone 15 Pro and why it’s worth thinking about over the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The Size

I thought that I was going to struggle with the size coming from iPhone 15 Pro Max, and I did for a bit.


But like I say after a couple of weeks I was quite happy to compromise on viewing content on a larger screen for the smaller more compact iPhone 15 Pro. If you had read some of my posts before you might know that I am not a massive bag person. So having a smaller phone that fits into my pocket with ease was a lovely thing. Especially when I was running out of the door to the shops or running an errand.

Screen Size

This was the biggest thing to get used to as it doesn’t sound like a massive difference going from a 6.7” to a 6.1” but in reality it is. I imagine that I lot of you like me use their phones to consume content on YouTube, Instagram etc so have a nice large display make it a lot more enjoyable.

It’s not that the 15 Pro Display is not good and that you can’t consume content. I just found it hard to from one to the other for a while. I still use my 15 Pro to watch YouTube but I find myself leaning toward my iPad Pro again more for longer form content.

One-Handed Mode

I also enjoy the fact that it’s a lot easier to hold especially with one hand. There was no way that I could respond to a message with one-hand on the Max and there are times when being able to is so useful. I can also reach my app with ease although using the developer beta of iOS 18 has also removed that issue somewhat.

MagSafe Accessories

All of my MagSafe Accessories still fit the iPhone 15 Pro apart from of course my case so I needed to get a new one of those. So if you do want to look at getting a smaller iPhone then you will not need to worries about charging stands or power packs they will be good to go still.


As I mentioned above the features are pretty much the same as the iPhone 15 Pro Max which has not been the case in previous years. The only real difference I have seen is in the camera and that is that you don’t get to 5x Zoom on the standard Pro. I have missed this but it’s not a massive issue for me. Other than that you are getting the same features.

Battery Life:

Here is where I did see a difference. The Pro Max would last no problem till I went to bed and still have about 30-50% left. On the other hand the iPhone 15 Pro I find I am getting to 7pm and I am at the 20% or less mark. I am generally near a charger so topping up the charge is not an issue but it can be a bit nerve racking if I am out in the evening and haven’t topped up.

This could be a blocker for some people depending on your charging habits. So if you want to have a phone that’s going to easily see you through 24hrs then the Pro Max is going to be better options as it has that bigger battery.

Final Thoughts

I have enjoyed using a small device but I am not going lie I also miss the bigger screen of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. That’s not to say that I would not think about getting the smaller Pro model in future. Before you make the choice of whether to go for the iPhone 15 Pro or the iPhone 15 Pro Max you really need to think about how you use phone. Is it you main content consumption device, do you need the best camera feature and battery life if yes then it the Pro Max for you. If you want a compact phone and are not someone that has battery anxiety then I would recommend the standard Pro. Whichever you go got I don’t think that you will be disappointed

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