Journey Rapid Trio Wireless MagSafe Charging Station Review

photo of Rapid Trio Wireless charger

I have been looking for a compact charging station that sits by the side of my bed and chargers my Apple Devices all at once. So when Journey sent me across the Rapid Trio Wireless Charging station, which is specifically designed for the iPhone 13/14 and 15 and supports MagSafe as well as Qi Wireless Charging, I couldn’t wait to try it out.

What Devices Does it Charge?

So as the name suggests, you can charge three Apple Devices on the charging station:

  1. iPhones (via MagSafe)
  2. Apple Watch
  3. AirPods

These are all the devices I need to charge regularly, so being able to pop them on the charging station when I get into bed so they are charged for the morning is great.

I haven’t tried this extensively, but if you have a MagSafe Compatible Case for an Android phone, then this should also be able to charge your phone and wireless headphones. 

For those Android users who don’t have a MagSafe-compatible case, do not worry. Included is a MagSafe Compatible magnetic ring that you can stick to the back of any Android phone that supports wireless charging

The charger for the Apple Watch is particular to the Apple Watch.


The Rapid Trio Charger is a very sleek and compact vertical design. The vertical design means that the charging station doesn’t take up much room, whether, on your bedside table or your desk and best of all, there are no multiple cables all over the place.

The Vertical design means the Apple Watch’s charging puck is tucked behind your iPhone’s back. The space under the iPhone is where you place your AirPods to charge, or if you have a 2nd phone, you can charge it here.

Rapid Trio Charger

It also has a premium feel, so it’s not something that is going to break easily and will likely last you for a good period of time. It comes in two colours, white and black. I went for white and love the look.

Another feature of this design is that you can remove the Apple Watch Charging puck, and it can be used on other devices, such as your laptop, to charge your Apple Watch when you are out and about.


The design allows for it to be straightforward to use. With some chargers that I have used in the past, I have had to move them around to get them in the exact right spot to charge, but not with this.

As it uses MagSafe, your phone attaches securely via the extra strong magnets, and you get the charging animation on your phone, so you always know it’s charging. The same can be said for the Watch and AirPods. I pop them on the stand, and away we go. It may not seem like a big thing, but it is frictionless and easy, which saves time and your patience.

It can also be great as a stand for your iPhone when consuming content, as you can rotate your phone to have it in landscape or portrait mode at a swizzle.


This charger provides rapid charging so that it will charge your devices quickly. I don’t know the exact amount of time as I tend to charge my devices at night. But when I charge my Apple Watch in the morning, it will take an hour or so.

The charger has a soft LED indicator light to show it’s on. It does flicker when you are charging your devices. I initially thought this would be irritating at night, but as it’s a soft light, I don’t notice it.

Journey recommends that you use a 20W USB-C Power wall charger. You can purchase a Journey 30W Mini USB-C charger, which I currently have powering my charging stand.


After using a few different charging stations, I have finally found one that fits what I want. It chargers all my Apple Devices quickly, doesn’t take up the whole of my bedside table, and finally, I only have one cable.

Now it’s not the cheapest at about $139, but you pay for what you get, and this is a very durable and atheistically pleasing charging station. You are looking at the same sort of price for others that are similar to this on the market.

So to the question of whether I recommend this charging Station. The answer is Yes. If you have multiple Apple devices, then this is undoubtedly a charging station that is worth having a look at. as 


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