Logitech MX Keys Mini Review

in todays blog I want to talk to you about wireless keyboards and in particular the Logitech MX Keys Mini. I got this keyboard a couple of months ago now after using its big brother the MX Keys for the best part of a year.

The mini version is nice and compact so doesn’t come with a number keypad as the MX keys does. This compact size make this a very portable keyboard which you will be able to fit into your laptop bag when you need to go into the office. It’s also great for small desks where you need space for notebooks etc or if you have a big desk and just like the compact look. Although this is compact the keys are not cramped so there is no difference in been able to type on this compared the larger MX keys.

There are less keys/functions key are a result of the reduction in size. So you will not have the launhpad key for example but you still do get most of the key ones such volume. You do however get some new keys such dictation, mute and unmute mic and the emoji key which is cool and useful if like me you are partial to the odd emoji. The keys also are backlight so light up when you hands get close to the keys and also adapts to the lightning around you which I love. 

So as with the MX keys you can pair this keyboard with 3 devices which is awesome. It connects via Bluetooth and you have the easy switch keys to go between your paired devices. I find this really useful as I have windows PC for work and then my mac for personal use and content creation. So I can’t easily switch between my device without having to repair them or switch dongles which save time and effort. Also just to mention that I have the windows and mac compatible version of the keyboard but if you are solely a mac user there is a mac only version. What I would say is that this does not come with a USB receiver which is a bit annoying for the price but its compatible with the logibolt USB receivers if needed.

In terms of charging this comes with a USB-C to USB-C charger. I have found that the battery life on this keyboard is great and I can go weeks without having to charge it, you can also increase the battery life by turn of the backlights on the keys. The USB-C to USB-C cable is long enough so you can plug it in and carry on working whilst it charges.

The build quality on the mini is the same as the MX Keys and is great. The precision keys are great for typing on and have a dip in them that your fingers tips fit and the sound is also very nice. Not as clicky as a mechanical keyboard but still satisfying. I would say that its not the lightest of keyboard but it not heavy consider the build quality. You can get this in a 3 different colours, I have gone for the graphite as i think that fits with my set up better but you can get it in a pale grey and pink colour.

The price of the keyboard is £99 so not a cheap one and you could pick up wireless keyboard and mouse combo for a 3rd of the price. But this for me is worth it for all of the above, it makes my workflow easier with the easy switch, its portable and its a keyboard that is going to last due to the quality of the build.


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