Logitech Touch Combo Review – Could This Be My New Favourite iPad Accessory?

Now for those who have read my previous posts, I love the Apple Magic Keyboard for my iPad Prock link to post), but I had heard good things about the Logitech Touch Combo so I thought I would give it a go.  

There is a lot to like about this Keyboard so let’s dive into some of the details on what’s good and not so good. 


Logitech stuff generally looks pretty smart and this is no different. What I really like about this is that it doubles up as a case as well as a keyboard. Now I know that the Magic Keyboard also goes this but the difference with this is that that keyboard detaches leaving you with an iPad case so that your iPad is always protected.  So unlike the Apple Keyboard, you can sue the case when you are using the iPad as purely a tablet, whereas with the Magic Keyboard you have to detach the whole keyboard. 

I like that the Touch Combo doesn’t add too much bulk to the iPad and feels like it gives plenty of protection from any drops that might occur. I went for the case in Oxford Grey and it has a nice fabric-like feel to it which also gives a nice premium look and feel. You can get this in Sand.  

The Keyboard:

As mentioned the keyboard can be detached so you can remove it when you want to just have the tablet. It also acts as screen protection as per the Magic Keyboard so provides all-around protection. In terms of the Keyboard itself, I have enjoyed typing on it a lot, the keys are nice and responsive and are a nice size so I have no issue with typing at speed. 

The keyboard is backlit and will auto-adjust to your environment so if you are typing in low light you will easily be able to see the keys. it’s also really easy to adjust the brightness using the shortcut keys which I will come onto.  

Shortcut Keys:

It’s great to have these shortcut/functions keys on this keyboard. This is something that is missing from the Magic Keyboard. You can control your iPad from this full row of keys e.g. you can adjust the volume and brightness and there is also a home, search and lock key. 

These are really useful to have as you don’t need to go to the control centre or to the lock or volume buttons on the iPad itself. I feel that this is certainly something that the Magic Keyboard would benefit from and hopefully will come in new versions. 

Track Pad

Like the Magic Keyboard, the Combo Touch has a trackpad which is really useful. I have found this to be very responsive and sometimes can be a bit too sensitive, but you can adjust the track speed in the settings under the trackpad. Whenever I have the keyboard attached I will 9 times out of 10 I use the trackpad rather than the touch screen, I just find it easier as I don’t need to move my hands from the keyboard to navigate around the screen.

Typing Experience:

Overall the typing experience is very good. The keys feel nice and soft and are not at all cramped. I can have written all of this post using the Combo Touch and it is more than comfortable and could easily type on it for long periods of time. 

The one thing that is a bit annoying and where the Magic Keyboard is better is being able to use it just on your lap. It’s not as stable as the Magic Keyboard because of the stand but it is still useable it just takes a bit of time to get used to and a bit of moving around to get it in the right spot. You don’t get this with the Magic Keyboard because of the design and not having a kickstand. 

The Case:

I love the case part of this keyboard. It gives me the protection I need when I am not using it in what Logitech call Type Mode which is when the keyboard is docked. It is so easy to detach the keyboard and the case full incases the iPad so all the corners are covered. This is great for me as it means that I don’t need to have a separate case to protect the iPad when my small human is using my iPad. 

There is also a space for you to pop your apple pencil so you can keep it all together. There is also the kickstand that is used when you have the keyboard attached so you can adjust the screen to the angle you want when you type. The kickstand is also useful for when you don’t have the keyboard on, it great for when I am watching content as I can pop it on the side or on the bed. 

This can also be used when you are using your apple pencil for sketching. This is not a use case that I use as I am not really a sketcher but great for being able to adjust the screen to how you want to use it. 



Still not the cheapest of accessories for your iPad but it is a lot cheaper than the Magic Keyboard coming in at £179.99 compared to £279.00. You can, however, find some good deals on Amazon which is where I picked mine up for £99.00 so keep an eye out for those deals. 


I am really enjoying this keyboard/case and have not had it off my iPad since I got it about 3 weeks ago now. It is just a really nice, a well-made bit of tech which does what it says on the tin. I can’t see myself going back to the Magic Keyboard anytime soon because it’s nice to type on mostly because it doubles up as a really solid protective case. 

The other really good reason to buy this case is the price. As mentioned if you keep an eye out for deals you can pick this up for a really reasonable price. I think this makes it a great alternative to the Magic Keyboard especially if you have a budget that doesn’t stretch to that £279 price tag. 

So would I recommend this the answer is a resounded YES. This is a great keyboard/case and is certainly a great alternative to the pricy if not great Magic Keyboard from Apple. I would still highly recommend the Magic Keyboard but this is also high up there on my recommendation list. 


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