Long Term iPhone User Switches to Android – Here Is Why

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So this week I made the jump and decided that I was going to make the switch from my iPhone to the Samsung S22 Ultra. I have toyed with this for a few years and have gone for Samsung before and gone back but I am going to stick with this device for the next year to finally put the debate in my head to bed on which one I am going to stick with for the foreseeable future.

Why do I feel that this time could be different?

As mentioned before I have trodden this path before but this time it does feel different and a change that I can stick with for at least the next year, and here are some of the reason why:

  1. The Phone
  2. Its not that different
  3. Customisation
  4. time for a change

So lets delve into these in a bit more detail:

THe phone

I can’t say that I have been really excited about Android phones before but my brief experience with the Google Pixel 6 has changed my outlook somewhat. So when the Samsung S22 Ultra was released I was actually really excited to get my hands on it so traded my other phones in and took the plunge. The S22 Ultra is to me a really great looking phone, not that the iPhone isn’t because it truly is, its just different. I like the the more square look and the edge to edge screen rather the the flat screen. And while we are on the screen it is pretty amazing and really the main reason that I chose to buy it. Will I be tempted by a new iPhone of course at heart I am an apple fan girl but I think this phone has enough to stop me reverting back.

Operating System 

When I have used Android phones is the past I thought the OS was not as easy to use as iOS but I think over the years they have become more and more similar. It is also a lot easier to transfer all you stuff from your iPhone to your new Android Phone than it was before so you don’t have to set everything up again from scratch. To enable things like gestures you will need to turn them on in the settings menu but its not something that takes ages and once enable you can swipe up for apps and down for your notifications and control centre in much the same way as on iOS. So really it doesn’t take long for you to adapt from using an iPhone.


This is not something that I really thought about before but I have started to think that the iOS is a bit stagnant. There are some amazing feature on iOS but you can’t really change the look of it. I know we have widget but can you really do much with them and you can change icons but you need a degree in working out how to do it. With Android its just so easy to change things up, you can install a new launcher and it will change the look completely and the same with icons.

Time for Change

I have been an apple fan girl for many a year now but there was something nagging at me that made me want to change. It’s a combination of all of the above and just a feeling a bit fed up with not really seeing anything really different from Apple when it comes to the iPhone. They have done enough in past to make me upgrade and I think that really they are selling you the Ecosystem which is great but I want a phone that allowed me more scope for change and to just go and have fun with.

So with that my Android journey begins. I could live to regret this decision but nothing venture nothing gained. I am looking forward to trying finding some new accessories and working out how I can incorporate my remaining apple ecosystem (iPad & Mac Mini) with my new Samsung phone and watch. oh yes I forgot to mention the new watch whoops, well thats for a whole other post 🙂

Tell then happy reading.


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