My 6 Must Have Accessories for the iPad & iPad Pro

Although I think that iPad Pro is a beast of a device on its own there are a few accessories that I have added to it to make it even better. 

I think whatever the main purpose for using your iPad, whether that be for productivity or content consumption there is something on this list for everyone. 

Apple MagicKey board 

I have a whole blog post on this little beast but for me, this is the number 1 accessory for my iPad Pro. If you want to turn your iPad into a little laptop that can handle all things productivity, like writing a blog post for instance, then this will transform the iPad for you. The added bonus of this keyboard is that it has a trackpad unlike the folio case, and it doubles as a case. 

Now as mentioned in my previous post this is not a cheap external keyboard and there are alternatives out there that can do the job just as well such as the Logitech keyboard. 

Apple Pencil 

The Apple pencil was made to accompany the iPad and is a great accessory in certain use cases. if you are creative and do a lot of sketching etc. then you will not want to be without the Apple Pencil. I use the pencil when I am editing photos on my iPad for my Instagram post or photos for my blog. It just makes it easier to make those small tweaks rather than using your finger. 

The Pencil can also transform your iPad into a digital notebook. This is great for people that want to take digital notes but don’t want to type them. So really turning the iPad into a kind of one-stop shop, so no need for carrying around notepads or finding a place to store them and then forgetting where they are. 

Paperlike Screen Protector

This is a great accessory for those of you that want to use the Apple Pencil for note-taking. It is a matt-like screen protector that makes writing on the iPad screen more like paper. I was dubious to start but I had heard some many good reviews that I had to give it a go, and it really does make a difference to the whole writing experience on the iPad. 

Not only that it’s a good screen protector and will stop you from getting all sorts of nasty little scratches on that precious iPad screen of yours. Some reviewers mentioned that it affects the view of the screen but I don’t think that it does all that much and you soon get used to the small change that is there when watching content. 


Now that the iPad Pro has a USB-C port you can use a hub/adaptor to be able to transfer photos from an SD Card for instance. As mentioned before I use my iPad at times to edit photos so being able to transfer them from my camera’s SD card onto my iPad is super helpful. 

This is also useful for when you want to transfer some data or you need some more storage. 

iPad Stand 

I have had this stand now for several years and it always comes in handy. I use it when I am cooking and need to have a recipe up or if I want to watch something whilst cooking. I have found the quality of this to be great and it also has a rubber coating where you rest the iPad so it protects against scratching. You can also use it with your phone as a stand although some might find it a bit big depending on what phone you rock. 

It also comes in handy if you are wanting to use your iPad as a second screen whist using sidecar(this will be even handier in iPadOS 16). It also allows you have a full external keyboard and mouse set up with your iPad which is a great alternative to spending £100s on the Apple Magic Keyboard. 


This is a fun little accessory and again one that I have owned for several years. This is effectively a bean bag for your iPad. You can use it to rest your iPad whilst watching content or streaming a film. I use it mostly when I want to watch something in bed whether it be YouTube videos or streaming something from Disney Plus or Netflix. 

Maybe not a must-have accessory but a fun and useful one to have laying around for those lazy Sunday afternoons. 

This blog post contains affiliate links so if you buy the product from one of these links I will get a small commission, which all helps me to be able to create more content. 


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