My Goals for 2021

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At the beginning of this year I decided that I wasn’t going to make any new years resolutions as I never managed to keep them, so this year I have decided to set myself goals. I have a list of 4 goals that I want to work on which I keep in the Notes app on my Iphone so I have them written somewhere I will always be able to check (keeps me accountable). I have decided to keep it to a small number of goals so that I don’t feel too overwhelmed or set myself up to fail by keeping a long old list of things that I want to achieve. Instead if I achieve one of those goals then i can replace it with another one, I see its as a live document that can be updated or changed as and when it needs to be.
So moving on to the goals that I have set myself for this year to date:
1) Try to exercise 3 times a week
This is one that I really want to hit not only for the physical benefits but also the mental wellbeing benefits that come from exercise. As someone that suffers with Anxiety this is one of the things that really help to keep it in check and provide space for me to find some solitude that helps to calm those frantic thoughts that we find swirling around our heads. The other side is that I am somewhat out of shape and have been since having my daughter back in 2018 and if i am honest before that. So by achieving/sustaining this goal I am hoping that my mental and physical wellbeing is in a better place for it.
2) Read/listen to one book a month
I have never been a big reader so this is one that is going to be challenging for me. This goal has really stemmed from watching many Youtube Videos on desk set ups which lead me to Productivity and Minimalism and an urge to learn more about these fields. I have started small on this one as i think that reading or listen to one audiobook is more than achievable. I am hoping as that time goes the number of books that I read in a month will increase but for now one is a more realistic target.
3) Reduce my screen time
This something that I have found has increased through the pandemic and I find myself reaching for my phone aimlessly at time, strolling through Facebook or Instagram for the umpteenth time. I even find myself doing this when my daughter is around rather than been present and enjoying our time together. I am not aiming to completely remove myself from digital devices bit I would certainly like to feel like I have more control of my need to reach for my phone. The book that I am reading at the moment (Digital Minimalism) has some interesting takes on this and strategy that you can adopt but that’s for another day/blog.
4) Eat less take aways (already failing at this one epically)
I put this in as a light hearted goal but in all honesty I do see this as an important goal. What you eat clearly has an impact on your physical wellbeing but it also impact your mental one too. As much as I enjoy a good takeaway I generally always regret it and feel sluggish and horrible after. So by thinking more about my diet and easing up on some of the things that are not that great for us I am hoping to regain some energy and feel a little less tired and of course a healthier.
I am into month two now of trying to achieve these goals and I am not by any means there with all of them but I am certainly moving in the right direction to achieving them and maybe one or two more may creep onto the list in the next month or two.

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