My Productivity Journey

Check out the below page for some tips and hints on Productivity that I have picked up along the way on my journey to becoming more productive

Uesful apps 

Below are a few of the apps that I have been using and have found useful day to day

Magent 🧲

I found out about this app when I was watching a Video on Youtube by DailyTekk, if you have a ultra wide monitor I would highly recommend this app. This allows you to split up your screen into multiple sections at the same size. I find that this is great when I need to have multiple documents open and quite often have my screen spilt in the 3rds. This is a paid app (a couple £ I think) but its well worth it.

 Alfred (Mac) 🔎

I am still trying to remember to use this app but when I do I find that its very useful. This reduces the need to move around you screen with your mouse going to from app to app or window to window. This provide a keyboard short cut that allows you to search for anything on your Mac. I didn’t think that it would save me much time but I was surprised to see that it did.

 ToDoist 📋

This is nice little to do app that I use on a day to day basis. I capture thinks that I need to do on certain days which is useful when something pop in your head when you are on the go and don’t have a pen to hand. You view just the task for the day you are on or upcoming.   You can also create board but this is not a function that I really use. Another reason I use this is because there is an app that you download to you computer.

Notion 🗒️

I am still coming to grips with Notion and how I am going to use it. You can pretty much organise you whole life with this app. You can get the app on all your devices so you add to a to do list  or capture some notes on the go. Worth checking out but does take some time to get your head round it. May a review on this coming soon😀

Day One 📝

This is great app if you like journalling and want to from writing in a paper journal to a digital one. I find that the interface is a nice simple and you can see on the calendar when you have a journal entry. You can get this app on all you apple device I personal use it on my Ipad.

flow ⏲️

I recently cane across this app looking through the productivity section of the App Store. This is good if you want to set a specific time to focus on a task. You just open the app and set the time and press go and it will count down. It also has a useful app blocking function so you can fully focus on the task at hand. 


My Productivity tips 

Here are some of my top tips to try and stay productive throughout the day 

1) Noise Cancelling Headphones 🎧

If I need to focus on a complex task I go straight for my AirPods Pros and listen to a play list. Recently I have been enjoying the Focus playlists on Apple Music. This helps me concentrate as it helps to block out other noise that are going on around me. 

2) Turning of Notifications 🔕

I have turned off my news notification recently and this has helped reduce the amount of time that I get distracted by my phone. 

3) Turning over your phone 📴

This might sound a bit of strange on but by turning the phone over I don’t see the notifications lining up on my Lock Screen so I am less likely to check them.

 4) Take a break 🥱

Just getting outside and getting some fresh can really reset your mind for the afternoon. 


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