Samsung Galaxy Ring – What Can We Expect?

Photo of Galaxy Ring

One of the most exciting things that came out of the Samsung Unpacked event, for me at least, was the announcement that we will be seeing the Samsung Galaxy Ring in the future.

Now, they did not give any real details on the Samsung Galaxy Ring, but I have some thoughts on what we might see based on what is coming to Samsung Health and what we have seen from the presentation.

What can we expect?

As with other Smart Rings, the Samsung Galaxy Ring will focus on health tracking. If we look at some of the things coming to Samsung Health, HR alerts will be added to the sleep tracking feature, but the My Vitality Score is where it gets interesting.

This looks very similar to the Readiness feature on the Oura Ring. It will measure your physical and mental readiness for the day and will be based on the same metric used by the Oura Ring

  • Sleep
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Previous Activity

Samsung also brings AI to this by providing insights and suggestions on improving your readiness.

This is an excellent addition by Samsung as Smart rings become more popular, and the fact that this fits nicely into the Samsung Health Ecosystem has some real benefits. You only need one app rather than your phone/watch app and Smart Ring app.

In another post, I mentioned that only some people don’t like to sleep with their watch on but want to be able to track their sleep. The Samsung Galaxy Ring provides a much more comfortable option for sleeping with your Galaxy Watch.

So, based on this, what features are we likely to see on the Samsung Galaxy Ring:

  • Sleep tracking
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • High Heart Rate Alerts
  • Blood Oxygen Levels

Final Thoughts:

When is the Samsung Galaxy Ring likely to be available? Well, most people say it will be sometime this year, but nothing was suggested in the unpacked event.

We know it’s coming, and it’s likely to track the same health and fitness metrics as other Smart Rings out there, but until Samsung provide us with more details, we will have to go with what has been rumoured and the little snippets of the health updates.


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