Suri Toothbrush Review – The Best Eco-Friendly Sonic Toothbrush

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Photo by Jessica Bryson

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I have been using the Suri Toothbrush for several months, and it’s one of the best toothbrushes I have used. This is for several reasons, which I will go into more detail about in this blog:

  1. Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush (Eco Friendly)
  2. Great Battery Life
  3. Packed with great Features
  4. Minimal Bathroom & Travel Accessories


This is one of, it not the main reason why I chose to buy the Suri Toothbrush. There are four main reasons why this is such a tremendous eco-friendly product:

The Aluminium Body:

This Toothbrush is made of durable Aluminium and is super slim, so it feels comfortable to hold in your hand while also looking sleek and elegant in your bathroom. Using Aluminium makes this a toothbrush that will last but is also recyclable, so when you do come to need to get rid of it, you can have peace of mind that it won’t just end up in landfill.

Plant-Based Heads

Picture of Suri toothbrush plant based brush heads
Photo by Jessica Bryson

Rather than plastic replacement heads, you get plant-based heads with Suri Toothbrush, made of cornstarch. The bristles are made with castor oil and are available in medium/soft bristles. These are really nice to use and clean my teeth really well. They also last just as long as the plastic brush heads I used with my previous electric Toothbrush.

Repairable Components

Unlike other toothbrushes, the Suri Toothbrush isn’t sealed closed, which makes it repairable. If your Suri Toothbrush breaks, the battery and motor can be repaired, so you don’t need to replace it. This is great for the environment as well as your wallet.


Once you need to replace your toothbrush heads, you can return them to Suri, and they will recycle them. They will provide you with a pre-paid address, so recycling won’t cost you anything. All you need to do is head over to Suri’s website, head over to the learn section, and click on recycling. Here is the address that you write onto an envelope. This section will also tell you how to compost your brushes or how to dispose of your Suri Toothbrush.

Battery Life

Suri Toothbrush on Charging Stand
Photo by Jessica Bryson

With the Suri Toothbrush, you get 40 days + of battery life. I don’t know how long it was before I first changed my Toothbrush, but it felt like forever compared to the other toothbrushes I have used. This Suri Toothbrush comes with a Charge Pebble that fully recharges your Toothbrush in 4 hours and via USB, I have not come across this before, and it’s so helpful.


We have discussed the sustainability and battery life of this Toothbrush, so let’s look at some of the features you get packed into this Toothbrush. This is a sonic toothbrush, which I have not used before, but I have found that it cleans my teeth well with the 33,000 sonic vibrations that it produces. It took a bit of getting used to as you are not meant to use much force and move the Toothbrush around your mouth.

Every 30 seconds, the Toothbrush uses haptic feedback to prompt you to move the Toothbrush to other areas of your mouth. It is also a super quiet toothbrush at just 54 dB. It’s quieter than regular electric toothbrushes, but you still get some sound. It’s a toothbrush at the end of the day. As well as the haptics, there is a 2-minute smart timer, which is the same as you would get on most other toothbrushes on the market.


Suri Toothbrush on Mirror Sticker
Photo by Jessica Bryson

There are a few additional accessories that you can get with your Suri Toothbrush, both for your bathroom as well as when you are travelling. You can choose the brush-only bundle, where you still get the handy magnetic mirror mount. Although this says that this is a mirror mount, you can stick it anywhere you like in your bathroom with no issues. No more messy marks on your bathroom counter from where you have put your Toothbrush down; it also keeps it out of the way (I knock things over).

When I bought my Toothbrush, I decided to go for the Brush and UV Light clean and charging case. I don’t use this a lot, but it’s great to have for when you go away for a weekend or travel. I have also found that the carry cases I have used for other toothbrushes are made of cheap plastic, are just a petri dish for germs, and don’t accommodate any charging cables needed.

I love that this case uses a built-in UV-C LED light, which kills 99% and allows you to charge your Toothbrush if needed. To charge it, you plug in the USD 2.0 to C cable, so again, there is no need to have multiple chargers.

Final Thoughts

I love everything that this Toothbrush stands for. We need more of these quality sustainable products out there, which are well-thought-out quality products. It does what you expect from your Toothbrush, cleaning your teeth well and is recommended by Dentists. You also get some great extras you don’t get with others, like the cleaning case.

I also like that you can buy just the Toothbrush or a bundle which includes the cleaning and charging case. I also think this is reasonably priced compared to other electric and sonic toothbrushes, with the Toothbrush costing £75 and the bundle with the UB case costing £95.

So, if you are looking for a great toothbrush but want to be more eco-friendly, this might be the Toothbrush for you.


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