Oura Ring vs Apple Watch: Which Sleep Tracker is Best?

Picture of Apple Watch Ultra and Oura Ring

Table of Contents Have been using both the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch Ultra for over a year to track my sleep as well as my health and fitness. They both do a great job, but in this post, I wanted to review how both devices track your sleep and help you understand where […]

Why the Apple Watch (Ultra) is still the king of Smartwatches

I have used a number of smartwatches over the past year or so from the Samsung Galaxy 4 and TicWatch 3 Ultrato the Google Pixel Watch but for me, none of these come close to beating out the Apple Watch Ultra. Don’t get me wrong all of the aforementioned smartwatches are great watches and offer a lot of the same features. […]

Sleep Tracking with the Apple Watch Ultra

Sleep tracking on the Apple Watch Ultra

So sleep is one of the most important things we need as it touches every part of our health. Whilst you are sleeping, your body supports healthy brain function and physical health. It is needed to repair our bodies, develop immunity, and fight diseases. Why track your sleep Sleep tracking allows you to monitor your […]

Health and Fitness Tracking with the Apple Watch Ultra

I have used all the Apple Watches that I have owned over the years for health and fitness tracking but since getting the Apple Watch Ultra I have stepped it up. This might be best as it is a bloody expensive bit of kit and I want to get the most out of it or […]

Apple Watch Ultra – First Impressions

Apple Watch Ultra

Photo By Jessica Bryson So I said I wasn’t going to break and buy the new Apple Watch Ultra but you guessed it I have in fact bought the watch. I have had it on my wrist now for about 3 days solid, only taking it off to charge it. So why did I cave […]

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