Two Years of Writing Online – What Have I Learnt?

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My blog turned two in February this year, and it’s been an exciting ride, to say the least. There have been ups and downs, and there have been more downs than ups, but it’s been an experience that I have enjoyed, and I will continue to strive to improve and grow. There are some things […]

5 Reason Why You Should Try Writing in Ulysses

writing on a laptop

I am always looking for new writing apps to try and see if they can add to or improve my writing process. So over the past few weeks, I have been trying out the writing app Ulysses. This is an app specifically aimed at Apple user and sync seamlessly across all of your Apple Device. […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Your Side Hustle Today

I recently decided to turn my blog into a side hustle rather than just doing it as a hobby. I think more and more people are exploring the opportunity of starting their side hustles and here are some reasons why I think if you are considering it you should take the plunge.  Supplement your income: […]

What I Have Learnt from My First 6 Months Writing on Medium

So it finally happened I hit 100 followers and signed up and got accepted to the Medium Partner Programme. This was very exciting for me as it feels like the first substantial step toward making money out of my blog. It has not happened overnight for me and I have read other writers that have […]

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