The 5 Things I Would Love to See on the iPhone 14

With the iPhone 14 on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to share what I would really like to see come to the next iPhone. Some of these are features that I have really enjoyed when I have been using my Android device but some are just ones that I wish Apple would introduce on the iPhone 14 this year. 

Always on Display

This is a feature that Android has had for years and one that I really like the option of having the display on all the time to quickly check notifications etc. This was something that I was hoping was going to come with the latest IOS version but alias no, however, I do think that it does lay the foundations for this to be introduced with the next iPhone. 

I hope that it comes to all the new iPhones released this year and not just the Pro versions as I think this is a feature that a lot of Apple users would like to see. And when it does come I hope that we will have more than just a widget on display and you will be able to get the notification icons as we see on Android devices. 

USB-C charging 

I really don’t understand why we still have the lighting cable for charging the iPhone. I find this strange as we have USB-C charging for the iPad so why not extend that to the iPhone now as well. Although I generally use a wireless charger it is annoying when I am away and need to carry multiple charging cables rather than just being able to use the one for all of my devices.  

There are some rumours that we could be seeing a portless design where you charge your phone using MagSafe. I think this could be good but it would mean that you would need to invest in a MagSafe charger on top of what is already an expensive phone. 

Losing the Notch

So this is widely expected to happen for iPhone 14 and it will be good to see the notch be removed. Not that I noticed it all that much before but since using an Android phone as well it has become a lot more noticeable. The hole punch on the screen is so much more discrete, I hope that Apple go this way but it’s more likely to be a pill-shaped cutout. 

The rumours also suggest that we will only see away with the notch on the Pro Models so we will still be seeing that lovely notch for at least another year. 

Fingerprint Scanner 

Now don’t get me wrong I really like the Face ID on the iPhones and for me, it beats all the competition in this space. I would however like to see the addition of an under-screen fingerprint scanner. 

I have enjoyed using the fingerprint scanners on Android phones and comes in handy in some instances. I particularly like this when using Google Pay, especially when I have a mask on (granted I know you set up Face ID to use with a mask on). I just need to unlock the phone with my fingerprint and present the phone to the card reader to pay. 

I also find this useful when I just want a quick glance on my screen, with Face ID it always unlocks my phone and I don’t always like it too. 

Design Change:

I feel like we haven’t had a change in the design for some time and it would be nice to see a change-up. Granted I have no idea what that could even be. Maybe a less sharp squared design. I actually quite some of the wrap-around screens on the Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra, I think I am probably in the minority here as most reviews I have read and watched are not fans of this kind of display design. 

We may see the introduction of some new colours and the camera bump may change a bit but I can see that we will see much more than that this time around. 


I could mention upgrades to the camera setup which will defo be happening, as is probably the one thing in recent years that is constantly getting upgraded. I may be on my own here but I can’t say that I get that excited about the cameras much anymore. The cameras that we have today are already pretty epic and although I use my phone camera a lot I would like to see more than just bit camera updates in new releases. 

I think some of the above will happen. But some are less likely but it will be interesting to see what actually gets released this year. Based on the rumours that I have read I am not sure that I will be able to justify upgrading this year if there are just a few design tweaks. 


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