The Must Have Accessories for My iPhone 13 Pro

There seems to be more and more accessories for your phone these days but there are a few that I would consider being must-haves if you own an iPhone. Below is a breakdown of the accessories that I have for my iPhone and that I use every day. 

Protective Case:

I think that this should be one of the first things that you buy when you get a new iPhone. These are not cheap devices and although they are getting strong in terms of the type of glass used for the screen etc I still would not want to drop one without some sort of protection. Don’t get me wrong I would love to rock this phone in all its glory as it’s a beautiful looking phone but it is not worth taking that potentially very expensive risk in my opinion. Luckily you can pick some really good-looking from see-through ones to show of whatever colour you might have to ones that have your favourite Marvel characters on. 

I was lucky enough to be sent a case out by Skech and they have a great range of cases that offer great protection and look super nice. I went for the see-through MagSafe case as I have the Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro Max and it just doesn’t seem right to not show off that lovely colour. 

Screen Protector:

Another one of the first things that I get and apply to any new phone is a good quality screen protector. I always go for the tempered glass protectors and I can say that it has saved my screen on more than one occasion. Although the screens are made out of pretty tough glass these days you are still more than likely to crack your screen if you were to drop it accidentally. 

I would recommend getting a protector that comes with an applicator because if you are anything like me it can be a struggle to get them on without those annoying bubbles. I tend to go for the Spigen Screen Protector as they are easy to apply and are not all that expensive ( )

Apple MagSafe Wallet:

I do not like to carry too many things around with me mainly because I don’t then carry a bag with me. So carrying a bulky purse/wallet around is not something that I want to do, the Apple MagSafe Wallet is a great solution to this problem. It’s nice and compact, with space to fit 3 cards which in my opinion is just about enough as I think a lot of us will now be adding cards to the wallets on our phones anyway. 

It then will just stick on the the back of your iPhone (as long as you have a MagSafe compatible phone) via the string magnets. I find that it’s very secure and I am never that worried about it falling off and losing my cards. It is also shielded so it is safe for contactless cards that you might be carrying around. You can use this with a case on your phone but as you might guess that case has to be a MagSafe case for it to work, luckily there are plenty of those on the market. 

This is not the cheapest coming in at £59 but the quality of the letter is really good. I have had this wallet now for a good couple of years and it still looks really good, a little bit of wear and tear but nothing significant. I would say that if you are not looking to spend that much on a wallet that only holds 3 cards then  there are some other great MagSafe wallets out there that are cheaper but do the job just as good. 

Wireless charging Stand:

I love my wireless charging stand it just makes it that much easier to charge my phone. I don’t have to hunt around for a charging cable, I can just pop it on the stand and it will charge away. As with all these accessories, there are plenty of chargers out there but  I have tended to go with ANKER as they are a well-known brand and their stuff is generally really high quality.

For my most recently wireless charger purchase, I went for a 3-1 one charger ( this allows me to charge my iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods Pro all in one go if needed. Again this removes the need for multiple different cables that I need to find to charge my device. 

One thing that I would point out is that check the wattage that is needed for the plug as you may need to buy one that has enough power to support the charger because annoyingly most of the ones I have bought don’t come with the plug. 

So there you have it these are the accessories that I use for my iPhone. Please leave a comment if you use other accessories as I am always on the look for new accessories to try. 

Please note that there are affiliate links in this post. 


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