TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS Review – An alternative to Apple and Samsung

Another week and another Smart Review to bring to you all. This time I am trying out the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS and now that I have been wearing it for a few weeks it’s time to let you know my thoughts. 



This watch has a nice design, it is circular which I really like as you will no from my Galaxy Watch Review. It comes with a nice looking bezel but it does not turn which is a bit of a shame as it would be nice for navigating the watch itself. In terms of size, the display comes in at 14” with a full colour AMOLED Always on Display. The screen itself is made with Corning Gorilla Glass so you get good protection from scratches and all of those bumps you get from using a watch every day. 

Watch Case:

The TicWatch come with a stainless steel case which gives a relatively nice premium look to the watch. The watch also has two buttons on the side of the watch which you can use to navigate to the Home Screen etc, again this does not rotate so you will need to use the touch screen to move through the menu. 


The watch comes with a standard size rubber sports band in black to match the colour of the watch itself. These are interchangeable bands so if you want to change to up you can. I have found that the band is pretty comfortable and durable so no issue if you are someone that is going to be wearing your watch 24/7

Health Features:

As with all smartwatches, the Pro 3 Ultra comes with a load of health features.

Activity tracking: 

You can track your activity on the Mobvoi or Google Fit app that you will need to download. To be honest I didn’t use the tracker all that much. When it comes to tracking my activities the only watch that I tend to do it on is my Apple Watch, again don’t know why there is just something about those rings. 


There are a number of workouts available to select from on TicExercise so there is not much that you won’t be able to find. You can also use Google Fit Workouts as well on this watch which also has most of the exercises that you are likely to want to use. 

The workout will capture the usual measurements such as time, distance, heart rate etc. You will also be able to go into the App as well to be able to see more detail on that exercise activity. There is no auto exercise detection on this watch so you will need to start the activity to track it. 

Heart Rate Monitor:

You will be able to track your heart with the TicWatch the same as most other smartwatches. You will be able to see your resting heart rate as well as your heart when you are exercising. What you do not get with the TicWatch is an ECG feature so if this is a deal breaker for you then this will not be the watch for you. 

Although it doesn’t state that it has an ECG feature it does have Irregular Heart Beat (IBH) detection so it can tell you when you have an irregular pattern, the watch will notify you and you access the Health App for more detailed information. 

Blood Oxygen Level:

You will be able to track your blood oxygen level when you want to. You can take a reading by going to TicOxygen in the menu and from there it will measure how much oxygen you have in your blood. This is very much the same as the other smartwatches that I have used. It’s a useful feature but not one that I will find myself using frequently.  

Sleep Tracking:

Again with most smartwatches these days you do have the ability to track your sleep. You wear the watch overnight and you will be able to go into the app on your phone to see the different stages of sleep and how long you were in each of them. 

Stress Tracking:

This watch will also show you how stressed you are through the TicZen on the watch menu. I can’t say that this was a feature that I really tried out but for those of you that like to track your stress levels then this is certainly a nice feature to have. 

Mental Fatigue:

I must admit that this is not one of the features that I used but it basically keeps an eye on how mentally fatigued you are so that you know when you can push yourself or when you need to take a break. 

Again you will get some info on the watch itself but for more detailed information you will need to head over to the TicHealth App. 

Health App:

With this watch, you can use the Mobvoi app to track all of the above or you can choose to you the Google Fit App. They are both similar to most health apps in that you can go into the app to look at all of your data.

I would still say that for me I prefer the Apple Health and Samsung Health apps, I just think they are a bit better laid out and easier on the eye. 


I had no trouble receiving notifications on the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra, the watch will vibrate or make a sound when a notification comes through depending on which setting you choose. They come through quickly and I like that you can read all of the messages on the watch. You can also reply using the watch which is helpful but I tend to respond on my phone as I like to have a larger keyboard. 

One thing that I found to be very annoying about the notification is the strength of the haptic/vibrations when you receive a message. It is very loud so if you are in an office space the whole office will know you have received a message. It was that loud that my daughter asked me to take it off when I was doing bedtime as it kept disturbing her. I tried to find a way to reduce the strength but couldnt find one and no solution on google either. 

Always on Display:

This watch comes with an Always on Display which is great and as with most watches these days you can tap the screen to put it to sleep. There is another brilliant feature that this watch has is that it comes with a Dual Display system which means that there is a low power screen on top of the AMOLED display. So when the watch is in smart mode this screen will kick in and prolong your battery life, it will also still display some key information such as the time and steps. 

Battery Life:

The battery life is the best that I have come across on a smartwatch. When you are in Smart Mode Mobvoi state that you will get up to 72 hours of battery life and I have to say that I was getting pretty close to this. Even when I had the Always on Display on I was getting 2 days of battery which compared to the Apple and Galaxy watch is great. 

There is also an Essential mode that you can activate on the watch which means that the LED screen is in use all the time and with this, you can expect to get up to 45 days’ worth of battery. 

Watch Faces:

There is a good selection of watch faces for you to choose from, you can also change up the complication on the face to best work for you. If there is not a watch face that takes your fancy then you can always head over to the Play Store and download a selection of free or paid faces. 

I must admit though that I prefer the watch faces that you get in Apple watchOS rather than the wear OS but this is purely a personal preference. 


This is a really nice solid watch and had all the features that you would want from a smartwatch with some additional ones that you don’t have with others. There are a couple of things that have irritated me such as the amount of bloat wear that is on it. You have the all the Tic Health features as well as the Google Fit features I would rather it just had the Tic Health features and you have the option to download the Google Fit ones if you choose to use them. 

Other than that this is a solid watch that I would recommend if you looking for something that is not Apple or Samsung. It’s priced reasonably against these for the features that it has and will set you back around £290 but there are often really good deals on Amazon where you can pick it up for less than £200 (link Below). 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. 


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