Top 5 Apps for Your Mac

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I have come across a few apps when using my MacBook Pro, some are paid and some are free, but all are really useful and ones that I would recommend checking out. So, here are the top 5 apps that I am using on my MacBook Pro.

Clean My Mac

This is a great app that I came across when I was going down the rabbit hole, that is YouTube. I tend to open this app up once a week and hit run to make sure that my Mac is cleaned and running smoothly.

So, what does Clean my Mac do to clean and protect your Mac:

– Clear System Junk such as caches, incomplete downloads etc.
– Locate large files, and you can choose which ones you may need to keep.
– Show you the biggest space-wasting files, apps etc. to free up space.
– Removes Malware from your Mac, keeping it nice and secure
– Manage your apps and extensions (uninstalling apps)

The app has a really nice UI and you can simply start by running a smart scan, and it will remove those unwanted items and suggest items that you might want to delete to free more space.

This is an app that you will need to pay for and can be downloaded from the App Store. You can, however, try it out for free, so you can decide whether you want to pay for the full version. (Please note, the link in the subtitle is an affiliate link)


An App that I didn’t know I needed until I had it. This app will stop your Mac from going to sleep, screen dimming or starting your wallpaper. This is particularly useful if I am uploading a video to YouTube, for instance, I can just turn on Caffeinated and leave it running. I like to do other bits and be able to just glance at the progress.

I love how this just lives in my menu bar and I can choose from several options. You can decide to have it on all the time, or you can select the length of time, e.g. just have it set for 45 min, and then it will turn itself off. It’s also easy to see when it is on as the coffee or tea cup appears full, you can also decide the colour of the cup.

There are also some other settings you can select in the menu to customise the app to how you want it to work.

Again this is a paid app but only costs a couple of pounds and is well worth it from my experience. Check it out on the App Store.


This is a great windows manager for your Mac. It’s a great way to keep your desktop/workspace organised, especially if you want multiple applications or programs open at once.

So if you are writing a document and need to have another document and browser open, then this allows you to organise them to where you want and the size that you want. A tool for multitasking when you need to.

This also is one of those apps that lives in your menu bar, so you can easily access it to choose your lay or use the keyboard shortcuts to save even more time.

Again this is a paid app, but it will only set you back around £2 and is downloadable from the App Store


It’s not the first time that I have mentioned this app because it is an app that is worth mentioning more than once. I use Notion every day to track and organise my content calendar.

There is so much that you can use Notion for such as writing blog posts, creating calendars, research etc. You can also build databases, so you can filter and produce a dashboard. It may sound complicated and if you don’t want to go into building out a database or content tracker then you can select from numerous templates to download and use.

Notion can be used for free and if you are a single user this is all you need. There is also a paid version which allows you to share with multiple people and is more akin to a small business setup.

You will not be able to download this from the App Store but if you are interested click on the link above in the subheading (Please note the link in the subtitle is an affiliate link)

Day One

If you are looking for a digital journal, then this is the app for you. A nice and easy-to-use UI and full of functionality for all your journalling needs. You can choose to have a calendar view in the sidebar, which is great for seeing when you have and haven’t added an entry and gives a streak view.

You can also capture so much in your entries, you can add an event as well as photos and videos to truly capture what you have done with that day. So, it can be as simple as you like, I tend to just write but might start adding in photos as why not it is a great way to save memories.

It has a great on-this-day function, so you can see your post from previous years. There is also a useful search function, so you can pull up relevant entries. There are so many benefits to this app, not least having just one place for all your journalling and not having paper journals everywhere.

So, again, if you are considering starting a digital journal, then head over to the App Store to try this out. For use on one device it’s free (basic plan) but to unlock other features like having it on all your devices then you will need to upgrade to the premium version.

So, there you have my top 5 apps for Mac. Would love to hear what apps you are using, as I am also on the lookout for new apps to try.


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