Why Bloggers Should Invest In Protecting Their Digital Kingdoms

Bloggers often take a blazé approach to online security and protecting their kingdoms. Hackers target businesses, they tell themselves, not people who post about fitness or baking.  

But, of course, that’s not entirely true. Criminals will target anyone they think might be a soft touch if they think they can get something out of it. 

The purpose of this post is to remind bloggers about why they should invest in protecting their digital kingdoms. It’s not something they should leave to chance.  

Preserve All Your Hard Work

First, investing in protecting your kingdom helps you preserve all your hard work. Think of the countless hours you invest in writing, being creative, and creating a blog that touches the lives of others. It’s not easy!

Learning how to use a VPN, as recommended by sites like makes it harder for criminals to access your IP or launch attacks against you. It also masks your activities online, protecting you more widely from bad actors. 

Guards Your Reputation

A compromised blog can also damage your online reputation. If people can hijack your website’s public face, it can cause tremendous damage to how you appear online. Protecting it safeguards your personal brand and enables you to determine how you are portrayed online.  

Defends Against Malware

Related to the last point, investing in protecting your online kingdom also bolsters you against malware. Hackers will find it harder to spread malicious software via your blogs, making it more challenging for them to harvest information from your readers and target other areas of your online activities.  

Protects Intellectual Property

Your blog is a form of intellectual property and uniquely yours in the eyes of Google and social media platforms. Unfortunately, content theft from bloggers undermines your services and makes it harder for you to offer your audience something unique. 

Investing in website protection reduces the risk of hackers and plagiarists taking advantage of you. Some software makes it impossible for users to cut and paste your text, for example, slowing down any plagiarism efforts dramatically with minimal loss of performance. 

Ensure Availability

Protecting your blog also has the additional benefit of ensuring availability. When you invest in proper protection, hackers will find it harder to make your website go offline. 

For instance, a sustained DDoS attack can overwhelm your blog’s servers and make it impossible to serve up content to users. Antimalware and antivirus software can protect against these attacks and are especially important if you operate a solo operation.  

Remain Compliant 

Protecting your blogging kingdom may also help you remain compliant with relevant laws, according to For instance, if you collect readers’ personal data, then you must provide basic protections on your website, such as encryption, to keep them safe. Failing to do so could lead to hefty fines and penalties. 

Preserve Your SEO

Finally, protecting your blog can help to preserve your SEO by preventing spammy links from negatively affecting your ranking. Third-party services can also monitor your blog to reduce or eliminate nefarious activities.



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