Why I Have Been Drawn Back to the Apple iPhone

So in my last blog, I was talking to you about how I was moving from the iPhone to the Samsung S22 Ultra and was going to stick with it. Well, here we are in my next blog post talking to you about why I have been pulled back to the iPhone.

First off I want to say that I really enjoyed using the Samsung S22 ultra it was a lovely phone with a great screen. This blog is going to run through the reasons why I made the switch back and there are a few key items that triggered it:

  1. Apple Watch
  2. FaceTime
  3. Apple CarPlay
  4. Ecosystem in general
  5. The Phone

So let me go into a bit more detail on these.

The Apple Watch:

I would say that the main reason for my switchback is the Apple Watch. I love this watch and really missed it when using the S22 Ultra even though I was using the Galaxy Smart Watch (which by the way is a really good smartwatch). Personally, I prefer the look and appearance of the Apple Watch and the fact that there are so many different bands available compared to the Galaxy Smart Watch, I just feel that it has a more premium look about it.

The other big thing that I missed was those activity rings, I am not sure why but I really pay attention to my progress on closing them through the day. Other watches have activity tracking but for me, this just seems more in your face I guess and being able to share that with other Apple Watch users is really great for me.


This was another big one for me. Most of my family are iPhone users so we use this frequently to keep in touch (especially during the pandemic) and for me, there isn’t another platform/app that I have found that compares with FaceTime. I find that when I am using FaceTime it is stable and the video and audio quality is really good compared to my experience when using Whatsapps Video.

Apple CarPlay:

This was one that took me a bit by surprise as I thought that I would really not be that bothered by not using it. I missed the fact that when my phone connects to my car that it would automatically bring my apps up onto my mini’s display. This is more an issue that my car only has Apple CarPlay and not the Android version but I am not prepared to move away from my car of choice lol. I could still connect my S22 Ultra via Bluetooth and make calls but I missed having my message read out to me and being able to reply as well as using google maps. 

The Ecosystem:

So I guess all of the above fit into this category but I just wanted cover off the whole Ecosystem element a little bit more. I am going to say what most people in the Apple Ecosystem will say everything just works together. Because all of my other devices are Apple it just makes things so much easier, for example, Airdrop I don’t use it all that often but I do on the odd occasions find I need to transfer the odd photo and been able to do this with the touch of a button just speeds the process up.

Everything just syncs nicely. You can copy and paste from one device to another seamlessly again something that I didn’t think was a big issue but it’s actually really nice to have. It’s just the little bits that you don’t think about because they just happen that make a pretty big difference when they are not there anymore.

The Phone:

A couple of other little points about the actual phone that I did want to mention and that is around battery life. Although the Samsung was not all that bad, but I would be getting to about 7 pm and only have about 20-25% battery left and that’s with not putting it through its paces. On the other hand, the iPhone battery life is immense, especially on the iPhone 13 Pro Max, I can be going to bed and still have over 60% battery left. 

I also find the iPhones to be less sluggish. I found the Samsung was at times a bit slow to load certain apps and I would have to close and reopen them. I didn’t come across this too much but it seems to be fairly common for those that have the Exynos chipset rather than the snapdragon version.

So Basically I think ultimately I was too deep in the Apple Ecosystem and was not prepared to sacrifice certain things.  Maybe if I was a bit more patient it would have been different but maybe I am just that apple fangirl that thought the grass might have been greener. I found that things like more customisation were actually not that big of a thing in the end for me. I fiddled with it for a bit but ultimately stayed with the same launcher as it came with.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t wish apple would adopt some of the features that have been on Android for years such as the always-on display which was a feature that I really liked.

But for now, I am firmly back in the Apple Camp but certainly enjoyed my brief ride over on the Android side of things.


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