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First up thanks to Jakub Jirak for challenging me to write about this topic, I think this is one that divides a lot of people like the IOS v Android debate. I use both of these operating systems on a daily basis but I do have a preference for Mac. Let’s run through my experience with both of these operating systems.


Windows 11

This is the operating system that I use for my day job. My company provides my Lenovo Yoga which currently is running the latest Windows 11 software and to be fair it’s quite a nice experience. For me, Windows have moved to a more macOS feel which is good in my humble opinion.

I like how the menu and quick search has moved to the centre of the taskbar and seems tidier. I also find that it’s a lot easy to quickly navigate to where I want to do e.g. device settings. I can’t say that I have delved deep into the whole of Windows 11 but it does feel a lot fresher and smooth.

Another element of Windows that I find useful is the ability to snap screens, this is really useful when I need to have multiple documents at once. Now you can do this on macOS but you will have to install an app where as with Windows it’s just there.

Of course, you also have the Office365 suite which is of course really good for office work, especially if like me you spend your life in Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel. It just runs that bit smoother on a native Windows Laptop than on a Mac.

Then you have a variety of Laptops that you can choose from for Windows. From expensive machines to cheaper notebooks. So if you are on a budget and open to either Windows or Mac then you might just get more for your money with Windows, depending on what you want to use it for.


So for running my side hustle and personal Laptop I have an M1 Macbook Pro which is running on the latest Venture macOS. I do love the look of the laptops and the software, from the menu bar at the top to the dock at the button which you can customise to an extent and move from the bottom to the side if you like. You used to be able to do this in Windows but I have not found a way to move my taskbar to the side in Windows 11.

With the M1 chip onboard this machine is super fast and smooth and is capable of handling so much more than I could ever throw at it. Optimised to the max to give that firmly Apple smooth experience. I use it for editing my Youtube Video and its exports files and also for maintaining my website etc so having a powerful smooth machine really helps with the speed and efficiency of workflow

I don’t use the Microsft Office Suite on my Macbook, I find the native mail app to be just fine and does what I need it to and the calendar is again just what I need. I do use Google Docs rather than the Apple pages for example as I find them easier to use and they are also free.

Now these are not cheap devices and you have fewer choices than in the Windows world but I feel that this means that apps are more optimised and you get a better user experience.

Why macOS

So why macOS in particular apart from what I have mentioned above you also get the “Ecosystem”. I have a lot of Apple devices from the iPhone to the Apple Watch Ultra and they integrate seamlessly. I love that I can Airdrop photos and videos from my iPhone across to my Macbook to use in blogs or videos. Then there are the native apps that all work together, and update on one device and all the others as well. I can also unlock my Macbook with my watch which is just super cool.

I also just generally find mac easier to navigate and set up to how I want it, the setting with Ventura is a lot easier and user-friendly than before (not that it wasn’t) and I find spotlight search so useful. There are fewer freezes in my experience and I have yet to experience the blue screen of death which I have on a few Windows Laptops. So in general just fewer issues, it just works and for me have never let me down.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned I use both of these systems and I am by no means saying that Windows is bad far from it, I just personally prefer the overall experience that I get from using a Macbook. Like the IOS vs Andriod debate it’s your opinion in the end and the device that you like to use is the right device for you, there is no one is better than the other in that respect.

So for me, it’s Mac but for you, it might be Windows but isn’t that the wonder of having these different technologies to choose from.


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