7 Benefits of a Using a Digital Journal

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I have kept a journal on and off for about four years and tried paper and digital journals. I like the idea of a paper journal (I love stationary), but I find myself more drawn to a digital journal than the paper variety these days.

And this is because there are numerous benefits to using a Digital Journal.

1 Digital Tool

There are several apps, such as Apple Notes and Evernote. I use the Day One app, which provides plenty of great features to cover all your journalling needs. You don’t have to use an app; you could just as easily use word-processing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

These apps sync across all of your devices. This is great as it means you always have a way of journalling and don’t necessarily need a laptop or tablet to add an entry.

2 Paperless

If you are like me and trying to be as paperless as possible, then Digital journaling is for you. No need to have multiple notebooks that are taking up more and more space in your house. It also means less cutting down trees, so in my opinion, that is a win.

3 Readable 

I have shocking handwriting, not to mention my spelling and grammar are less than desirable. Having a Digital Journal solves these problems so I can go back and read all journal entries without thinking what the hell does that say? Spell, and Grammar check also makes sure that what I am writing makes sense.

4 Add Media

Another great thing about using a Digital Journal is adding media to it. If you have been somewhere special and have taken photos or videos of the day, you can add them to your journal entry. It’s not just pictures and videos that you can add. You can save links to web pages and articles that you may want to return to later.

5 Security

A Digital Journal is far more secure. The device you use to journal will likely have a password or code set up to access it. In most apps, you will also have the option to password-protect access to the app. This provides a further layer of protection from any potentially prying eyes.

6 Backups

With a paper journal, you have multiple notebooks that you need to store, taking up valuable space. With a digital journal, you don’t have this worry. All your entries will be held on your device or backed up in the cloud, so you can easily access them whenever you want to.

7 Searchable

Unlike your paper journal, you can search for specific entries or topics in apps like Day One. This is helpful if you want to return to a particular Day to see what you wrote. This saves a lot of time rather than searching back through all your notebooks.

Final Thoughts

Digital journaling may not be for everyone, but it offers several benefits. The benefit I mentioned in this post makes digital journalling my preferred way of journaling.

If you haven’t tried journalling, why not give digital journalling a go? It is excellent for your mental health and helps get your thoughts out of your mind to free your mind from worrying or overthinking.

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  1. Yeah i do my journal on my laptop word pad and i can read it bery clearly plus my typing speed has increased much ,n i feel so light after sharing my thoughts on journal ..


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