ALPAKA Element Backpack (laptop Bag) Review

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Since the pandemic, I have been focusing on being more ergonomic with my set-up, which extends into the office when I am there a couple of times a week. With this in mind, I had been on the lookout for a laptop bag that could keep everything together and safe whilst not being overly bulky and heavy to carry.

So when ALPAKA sent me this laptop bag, I was really excited to get using it. I have really been enjoying using the laptop bag for four main reasons

  1. Comfort
  2. Quality
  3. Pockets

And with that, here is my full review.


This is a key factor when looking for a laptop bag, whether that is for work or just when you need to take your laptop with you. I predominantly use this one for work, so I need it to be comfortable, especially if I am travelling and might be walking for a fair bit of time.

The ALPAKA laptop bag comes with padded shoulder straps, which are adjustable to get just the right fit. The padded straps do not dig into your shoulders at all, evenly distributing the weight of the bag across both shoulders. I tend to use both straps, but for those that rock, the one-shoulder carry it is more than comfy enough.

The back panel is also padded, so it feels nice and comfortable, and nothing sticking into your back from inside the bag itself. For added security and also comfort, there is a sternum strap that clips around your check with is detachable. This also adds to the comfort as it means you can get the bag nice and snug.


The bag is made out of Nylon, and inside has a Honeycombed Ripstop Nylon lining. The fabric used is water-resistant, as well as the Zippers (YKK Aquagaurd), which are solid and don’t catch or stick.

The zippers are also anti-theft and are lockable with a padlock. The zips are also well hidden under the fabric. This is great when you are out and about, as it is really difficult for some to get to the zips without you being aware.

Close up of Zips
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I have been using this laptop bag for several months, and the colour has not faded, and it still looks like new.

The bag is not bulky at all but big enough to get all your essentials in. It is roughly 20in in height and 5.5 in deep. I like the fact that it’s not a thick bag. The lack of bulk makes it easy to travel.


Now this bag has plenty of pockets and internal space for all of your office and day-to-day tech. Let’s start off with the laptop pocket, which is padded with soft lining so your laptop won’t get scratched or damaged. It holds up to a 16-inch laptop.

close of laptop in bag
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At the front of the laptop bag, you have a hidden quick-access pocket. This is really good for keeping those items that you might need to access quickly, like your AirPods or even keys. It is well hidden, so when you are out and about, people will not even know that there is a pocket there.

Inside is what ALPAKA refers to as its smart internal organisation systems. You can buy additional clips etc., to organise your gear. The main inner pocket has plenty of space for notebooks and chargers.

On the outside of the bag itself, have space for two water bottles which fit a larger water bottle up to 1L. There is also a quick grab padded handle that is useful just to pick up and go.


If you are looking for a quality lightweight laptop bag, then this is certainly one to bare in mind. The laptop bag is well padded throughout, so you can put all your tech in there and not worry that it’s going to get damaged.

Plenty of space for all you would need on a day out at work or just out and about. It caters for all your needs and at what I would say for the quality a reasonable price at £131.

2 Responses

  1. Jess, you might want to have another proof read of this article.
    I counted only 3 of your stated “four reasons”, and this one made me titter:

    “ clips around your check with is detachable.”

    P.S. love your work


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