Apple Pencil 3rd Gen – What’s New and Who is it for?

Today Apple announced that there will be a 3rd Generation Apple Pencil released in early November. I know there have been a number of rumours leading up to the announcement, but what are we getting that’s new/different from the Gen 1 & 2, and who are Apple marketing the Apple Pencil Gen 3 at?

So what’s different? Let’s have a look.

USB-C Charging

With the new Pencil comes a new USB-C charging port which aligns with the move from lightning cable charging on Apple’s other products. In order to charge the Pencil, you will have to slide the top of the Pencil open to reveal the charging port.

This is a better design than the Apple Pencil 1st Generation, where you have to plug the Pencil into your iPad to charge. At least this will allow you to use the Pencil still whilst charging if needed.


So we are not getting any new features with the Apple Pencil Gen 3, and we are actually losing some. So which features are not going to be available?

Pressure Sensitivity

I find this one pretty odd, if I am honest. The Apple Pencil Gen 1 & 2 both have this feature but not the Gen 3. So the new Apple Pencil Gen 3 lacks the features to respond naturally to the pressure you apply, whether that be light or hard.

Double Tap

This is a feature that is really useful on Apple Pencil 2. I enjoyed switching between writing to the eraser with a simple double tap of my finger on the pencil.

Wireless Pairing & Charing

What you will not get with the Apple Pencil 3 is wireless charging and pairing. This is a shame. This is the main thing that I love about the Apple Pencil 2, you will still be able to attach it magnetically. This is, however, reflected in the price, which we will come to later. Could it also mean a change in camera position for new iPads?


the Apple Pencil 3 will be compatible with all iPads with USB-C as you will need to pair via USB-C with the lack of wireless pairing. If you have an older version of the iPad, then you will need to look at the Pencil Gen 1 or 2.


They will be the cheapest of all the Apple Pencils, coming in at £79. I think the price reflects the lack of some features and wireless charging and pairing. The price also makes it a great entry-level option for those who don’t want to spend a small fortune on an Apple Pencil.

Who is it for?

Well, this is an interesting question. This is not being added to the lineup to replace either of the other Apple Pencils but to complement them, a somewhere-in-the-middle kind of device. So who might want to buy this?

This could be something that students may look to pick up for their taking notes using there iPads in class/lectures. This would make sense as it seems to be marketed as great for note-taking, and the price would certainly appeal to a student on a budget.

I would also appeal to people on a budget and who do not want to spend a small fortune on a pencil but you are getting fewer features. So I guess I am clutching straws a bit here because, if I am perfectly honest, I don’t know who this is really for.

Final Thoughts

I am unsure if this is a new product for the stake of a new product. I am not really sure who is going to buy it. If you already have an Apple Pencil Gen 2, there is no way you will want to buy this one.

I also feel that if you want an Apple Pencil, you are likely to want to get the best model and not one that lacks features. If you are looking for a Pencil and on a budget, there are plenty of good options out there that are fair less than £79.

Maybe there is something that I am missing, but the only benefit I see here is the price. So on this one, I will remain



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