The 4 Best iPhone Wireless Chargers

Photo of iPhone Charger

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash Table of Contents Are you someone who likes to wirelessly charge their iPhone, are you fed up with having multiple charging cables? Are you looking for the best iPhone Wireless Charger for your needs? In this post I will go over 4 of the best iPhone Wireless Chargers that […]

Samsung Galaxy s24 Ultra Review: 3 Months Later

Photo of S24 Ultra

Table of Contents I have had Samsungs newest flagship Galaxy s24 Ultra since the day it was launched. I wasn’t planning on buying this device but as always the pre-order deals and trade-in meant that it would be rude not to. It’s been about 3 months now that I have being using the s24 Ultra […]

The 7 Best Cross Platform Apps for Productivity

Photo of Android phone showing cross platform apps

Photo by Stephen Frank on Unsplash Table of Contents Since I have been using the Samsung S24 Ultra alongside my iPhone 15 Pro I have been looking for the best cross platform apps for my workflow. I wanted to be able to use whatever device I had in my hand for email, quick notes etc. […]

ProtoArc Foldable Keyboard | The Perfect Office Companion

Photo of boxed ProtoArc Keyboard

Table of Contents I am also looking for ways to make my desk setup in the office as ergonomic but also as minimal as possible. I don’t want to be carrying a massive keyboard around in my laptop bag when going into the office. So this is where the ProtoArc Foldable Keyboard comes into the […]

Personal Productivity: Boost your Health to Increase Productivity

Picture of a productivity setup

Photo by Fernando Hernandez on Unsplash Table of Contents We live in a very fast-paced world. Personal Productivity stands as a cornerstone for success. The ability to navigate through tasks efficiently and accomplish goals has a profound impact on our overall satisfaction with life. However, an often overlooked catalyst for unlocking personal productivity lies in the realm of […]

Suri Toothbrush Review – The Best Eco-Friendly Sonic Toothbrush

Picture of Suri Toothbrush

Photo by Jessica Bryson Table of Contents I have been using the Suri Toothbrush for several months, and it’s one of the best toothbrushes I have used. This is for several reasons, which I will go into more detail about in this blog: Sustainable Sonic Toothbrush (Eco Friendly) Great Battery Life Packed with great Features […]

Benks iPad Pen Review – Best Apple Pencil Alternative?

Photo of Benks iPad Pen

Table of Contents I don’t know about you, but I love my iPad, particularly iPad accessories that make it a productivity beast. So when I received the Benks iPad Pen, I was excited to try it and see if it could be the best Apple Pencil alternative out there. So first up, let’s just run […]

Samsung Galaxy Ring – What Can We Expect?

Photo of Galaxy Ring

One of the most exciting things that came out of the Samsung Unpacked event, for me at least, was the announcement that we will be seeing the Samsung Galaxy Ring in the future. Now, they did not give any real details on the Samsung Galaxy Ring, but I have some thoughts on what we might […]

Journey LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and Stand Review

Picture of Journey Magsafe Finder Wallet & Stand

Table of Contents I do love a MagSafe accessory, and Journey was kind enough to send me their latest and greatest MagSafe Wallet, the Journey LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and stand. As I already have the Journey Trio Rapid MagSafe Charging Station I was excited to get removing the cards from my old MagSafe Wallet and start […]

How to Customise Your iPhones Home Screen

Picture of customised iphone homescreen

Table of Contents The other day I got lost for a couple of hours with customising my iPhone 15 Pro Max’s home screen. This is something that I have toyed with in the past but not really ventured into as it can be a bit long-winded (or it was the last time I tried), but […]

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