How To Improve Your Writing With Notion AI

Imagine of Notion AI homepage

I have been Notion now for a good couple of years to organise my blog content and publishing schedule, recently I saw that that had added a new feature called Notion AI so I thought I would give it a try. What is Notion AI? Notion AI is an intelligent assistant that is designed to […]

My Minimal Desk Setup 2023

I have had a few iterations of my desk setup. Different rooms, different desks, desk shelves, etc. But after a month or so, I decided to go back to my original space and back to my homemade desk, but not only that, I wanted it to be minimal. I am trying to declutter my home […]

The 3 Apple Apps I Use to Manage My life

Apple Notes App

There are so many apps out there for organising your life from to-do apps to calendar apps. Some are free but to get the full feature set you generally have to pay. So for me, I use the stock Apple Apps which are pretty feature rich and best of all free. There are three Apple […]

5 Ways to Improve your Productivity

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my productivity. Do you often get to the end of the day and think I have been busy but don’t feel like you have achieved much, I certainly do. You can tick off items on your to do list but just as many have appeared […]

My 30-day Bullet Journalling Experiment

Picture of Bullet Journal

I am constantly trying to be more organised and fighting whether to use digital tools or good old analogue notebooks. So I decided to see what all the rage was about Bullet journaling as I have heard lots of things about this topic. I also like the idea of getting away from a screen as […]

5 Reasons Why I Am Using Apple Notes More and More

In recent weeks I have started to use the Apple Notes more and more and I am really enjoying it and is fast becoming my favourite notes app. I am solely using Apple Notes for writing my blog post where I had previously been using Notion (I still use Notion for planning) and here are […]

The Three Things That I Use the Apple Pencil for

In today’s blog, I wanted to give some love to the Apple Pencil and talk about the 3 things that I use it for other than it looking pretty on my iPad. I can’t say that I use the Pencil all that much and wish that I did as it is lovely to use, especially […]

My Everyday Carry for When I Am in the Office

As we are going back into the office more now I thought I would run through my everyday carry for my work bag. This has changed somewhat since the pandemic started and I have added some things to help with the ergonomics when working in the office. I try and keep what’s in my bag […]

Logitech MX Keys Mini Review

in todays blog I want to talk to you about wireless keyboards and in particular the Logitech MX Keys Mini. I got this keyboard a couple of months ago now after using its big brother the MX Keys for the best part of a year. The mini version is nice and compact so doesn’t come […]

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