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I recently received the Hexcal Magnetic Charging Cable, and it really has been a great addition to my everyday tech setup. I have been looking for a USC-C charging cable that looks great and is durable and is not going to fray anywhere along the cable. This certainly fits the bill and has some additional benefits that I will discuss in this blog post.


The Hexcal Magnetic Cable has a really sleek design that looks premium. It is built using premium materials that protect the cable from everyday wear and tear, so the cable will last over a long period of time. The Hexcal Magnetic Cable is 1 meter long (3.2ft) so it gives you plenty of cable to work with.

The cable has a magnetic sleeve that allows the cable to return to its original shape. This is really useful as I always find that keeping conventional charging cables tidy is hard. This design means that it’s always tidy and compact, so it is easy to fit into your bag for when you are going into the office or travelling.

Fast Charging & Data Transfer

The Hexcal Magnetic Charging Cable is a USB-C to USB-C high-speed charging cable, delivering charging up to 240W for all your USB-C devices. This is not just a charging cable, it can also be used to transfer your data from your devices at a speed of up to 480Mbps, as well as power delivery for your devices.

Who is this cable for?

This is great for users who need a reliable and durable cable, such as gamers who will be frequently plugging and unplugging from devices. It’s also great for everyday desk set-ups, I have many devices that sit on my desk, so having this cable is great as I know it’s going to last.

Now, this is pricier than other cables that you can purchase out there. It will set you back around $39, but you are getting a robust and stylish cable that will last you.

Final Thoughts

This is a quality charging cable. The fact that it is magnetic is a great selling point in my eyes, it stops your cable from getting tangled and knotted, keeping it tidy. This is great for when I need to chuck a charging cable in a bag for work.

It is on the more expensive side, but I think that it’s worth spending a bit more money here. As it is made with premium materials It’s going to last longer than buying multiple cheaper cables. This is also great for when you want to charge a device quickly.



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