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We live in a world where we carry our tech around everywhere with us in our pockets and bags, from our phones to smartwatches and much more, and I am no different. There are certain items that I don’t leave the house without. Some have a very practical reason, and others are just my favourite bit of tech.

So in this post, I wanted to take you through my essential everyday carry items this year and why. So let’s get into it.

Alpaka Sling Bag

Photo of Alpaka Sling Bag

Now let’s start off by saying that I am not the biggest bag lover in the world. Of course, I have a backpack for work (Alpaka Elements Backpack). Generally speaking, I would just put what I could into my pockets but this bag has changed my thinking on bags well slings bag in particular.

What I like about this sling bag is that it’s small and compact but still has plenty of pockets and space to carry all of my tech. The bag has separate sections so that you can organise your tech. I like this as it helps keep my keys away from the phone, for instance, stopping any potential scratching.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Photo of iPhone 15 Pro Max

This is my main phone (yes I have two) and has my personal sim in it and is the phone I use to run my life mostly. I went for the iPhone 15 Pro Max because I wanted a larger screen than the standard 15 Pro as I tend to watch a lot of content on it.

There were also the Camera improvements that came with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. I really wanted to check out the new Zoom capabilities. I also have a number of Apple Products so I am well into the ecosystem.

Google Pixel 8

Photo of Google Pixel 8

My Android Phone of choice at the moment. I like having an Android Phone to run alongside my iPhone 15 Pro Max. I decided to go with the Pixel 8 over the Pixel 8 Pro for a couple of reasons:

  1. It is cheaper but still has a lot of the same features
  2. I wanted to have a smaller phone as I already have the Pro Max

This is an excellent option for people looking to switch from an iPhone or looking for a more affordable option but still getting a flagship phone’s features.

Apple Watch Ultra

Photo of Apple Watch Ultra

I have loved this watch since I got it, and it is rarely off my wrist. The reason this is probably my most essential everyday carry item is because

  1. Health and Fitness Tracking (steps & exercise)
  2. I can see my messages on my wrist
  3. Oh, and it tells the time, lol

All joking aside, this is an excellent watch for the Apple lovers out there. It helps to keep me on track with my fitness goals e.g. hitting my steps and tracking exercise for the day. It also links to my health insurance (Vitality UK) so that I can get rewards for being nice and healthy.

Journey Finder Wallet & Stand

Many of us may just use Apple Pay or Google Pay on our phones and the wallets that we have on our phones, but I still need to carry my cards around with me. And this is where my Journey MagSafe Finder Wallet & Stand comes in.

This wallet attaches to my iPhone via MagSafe and has space for 5 cards and a built-in tracker so you can find your wallet when you have lost or misplaced it.

Apple AirPods

Photo of AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro are a great everyday carry item to have on you. I like to take these with me when I am out walking the hound. I like to be able to take work calls or just listen to an audiobook/podcast.

These are also my go-to when I am exercising, as I am not a massive fan of using over-ear headphones when I am on the bike or out running.

Orbitkey Key Organiser

Photo of Orbikey Key Organiser

So this is not really a tech item but it is something that goes with me whenever I leave the house. This is a great little Key organiser and the reason that I like it so much is that it houses your keys in a loop, so it means that they are not loose and in danger of scratching your other items in your bag or pocket.

Final Thoughts

It’s surprising how much tech we constantly carry around with us. I have to say that I love all of my everyday carry items but I am sure that I will be chopping and changing as the year goes on, but for now, these will do me nicely.

I would love to hear in the comments what your everyday carry items are and why.


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