How can ChatGPT help bloggers?


Most of you may have already heard about ChatGPT, but let’s start with what it actually is. ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that is developed by OpenAI and acts in a conversational way with users to respond to questions asked. It can also respond to follow-up questions and use deep-learning techniques to generate a human-like response.

There has been negativity around ChatGPT replacing human-written blogs, etc. But I think That it can also be a very useful tool for us bloggers, and here are some of the reasons why I think so:


There is a lot of research that goes into written blog posts and YouTube Videos for that matter, and this is another tool that you can lean on. It has been trained on a wide variety of topics, so you can simply type a question in, and it will provide you with an answer to that question.

If you are still wanting additional information, you can ask a follow-up question to get more and more knowledge on the topic that you are trying to research. This can then be used alongside information from your other sources to go into your blog post.

Content Idea Generation

Similar to keyword resource tools like Ahrefs you could also use ChatGPT for generating ideas for future blog posts. You can type in a particular topic or Keyword into ChatGPT, and it will provide a list of related topics.

There are other elements of Keyword Research that it can help, which as search intent. This can generally take a bit of time to research as you need to look at what people are searching for with a particular keyword that can help to refine your blog post and title. With ChatGPT, you can ask what the search intent is for a specific keyword, and it will come back with the information for you.

This is also where it can get a bit iffy for me as well though, as you could ask ChatGPT to write a whole blog for you, which for me takes away why I want to blog. Furthermore, it’s not your thoughts on the topic and although it is trained to provide human-like responses, it is still an AI chatbot.

Blog Outline

This is where I use ChatGTP myself to help in structuring my blog posts. I Will ask it to provide a structure for a blog post on my topic or blog title, and it will come back with several subheadings that you can use.

I do not just copy them into my blogs, I use them as a starting point, some are a no-brainer and go in and others prompt thoughts on other elements that I might want to cover in the post. So for me, it is an additional tool that I can call upon when I am a bit stuck with writer’s block.

 It does have its limitations

As with all things, it’s not perfect, and although it’s learning all the time, it will have a limit as to how up-to-date it is. It could also be at times factual incorrect, and this is why I don’t think you should use it for actually writing your blog posts. If you do choose to ask it to write your blog post it will be limited to the number of words, which, I think, is about the 650 mark.

I have also found as well that when using the try it for free it’s often at capacity so can’t actually use it when I want to. You can get around this by signing up, but for me, this is not another thing that I want to pay for. And for this reason, I use it but sparingly.

Final Thoughts

I have certainly found it interesting to use ChatGPT to help with structuring my blogs. I think that chatbots have many advantages with many that I haven’t mentioned above, such as helping with engagement and promoting your blog.

I am starting to add it into my workflow for creating my blogs, and it does help in terms of saving me time in certain areas when researching and structuring my posts. So, you can choose how you want to use ChatGPT, you could go all in and get it to write your post, or you can use it as an additional tool in creating your content.

Any, which way it’s certainly proving popular and is not going away anytime soon, so why not head over to [] and see what is all about for yourself?


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