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I do love a MagSafe accessory, and Journey was kind enough to send me their latest and greatest MagSafe Wallet, the Journey LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and stand. As I already have the Journey Trio Rapid MagSafe Charging Station I was excited to get removing the cards from my old MagSafe Wallet and start trying my new accessory.

I have been using this MagSafe Wallet and Stand now for a few weeks, so as always, it’s now time for me to share my thoughts on this cool piece of kit. So let’s dive into the details.

What come’s in the box:

It comes really well packaged and makes for a lovely unboxing, which you can see here from my Unboxing on YouTube. So in the box, you get

1x LOC8 Finder Wallet with Stand

1x Meet your Loc8 Wallet Guide

1x charging cable

The packaging is minimal and stylish, adding to the overall premium look and feel of the product.

Design Features:

The wallet itself is made from eco-conscious and durable Vegan Leather and comes in a lovely Midnight Black colour. The Vegan Leather has a really nice feel to it and has not shown any signs of wear and tear to date. It is also water resistant, so no need to worry if you are out and about and it starts to rain.

Card Slots:

The Wallet can hold up to 5 cards and has RFID Technology. This is great as RFID technology protects your cards from thieves who are trying to read and duplicate the data on your cards. The wallet also sports a protective lining and film to protect against demagnetisation of cards (scratching and scuffing the magnetic strip).

At the bottom of the wallet, there is a cut-out that allows you to easily push the cards up and out of the wallet for easy access. On the outside of the wallet, there is space for 3 cards to be stored, and when unfolded, there are 2 more card slots.

iPhone Stand:

Once unfolded, the wallet also turns into a stand for your iPhone, which comes in super useful. The Stand is very sturdy and can be adjusted easily to different angles. Whether you want your iPhone to be in Portrait or Landscape, it doesn’t feel loose when you close the wallet, which is what allows for it to be so adjustable.

MagSafe Compatible:

This MagSafe Wallet has some very strong magnets, so when it attaches to your iPhone, it stays attached until you remove it, which does need a fair bit of force applied to detach it. I like this as it gives me peace of mind that it’s not going to drop without me noticing, or if I am holding it, someone is not going to swipe it off my phone and do a runner easily.

If you are rocking a case on your iPhone, there is no need for you to take it off to use the LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and Stand as long as the case is MagSafe Compatible.

Find My Wallet:

This is the first time that I have come across a MagSage Wallet that is compatible with Apple Find My. This is such a great feature to have as no one ever wants to lose their wallet, so having this functionality helps to put your mind at ease just that little bit more.

Setting up Find My:

Journey has made it simple to set this up. When you first unbox your LOC8 MagSafe Finder Wallet and Stand you will need to charge it using the charging cable provided. Once its charged (this should last six month before you need to charge it again) thereare only two steps to get it all sync to your iPhone

  1. Press the button on the charging strip
  2. Go into the Find My on your phone and add MagSafe Accessory

Once you have finished those two steps you should see your new wallet show up in your items list. You can then test it by tapping on it and pressing play sounds. You will then by able hear a chirpy sounds coming from your wallets built in speakers.

Final Thoughts:

I have only had this MagSafe Wallet and Stand for a few weeks but its already found its self into my everyday carry item. It is just such a practical accessory for those who don’t want to carry around lots of things and that are security conscious.


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