Keycron K2 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Picture of Keycron K2 keyboard

I have seen so many posts on social media about mechanical keyboards and people raving about them, so of course, this peaked my interest. I have been using the MX Keys and MX Keys Mini for a while now and love them both so I was apprehensive about buying a mechanical keyboard but I really did want to see what all the fuss was all about so here we are with the Keycron K2 Wireless Keyboard

They are two main things that I look for in a wireless keyboard and they are:

  1. Connectivity
  2. Typing Experience

Off the back of that, I will think about the size and the look of the keyboard before making a decision on whether or not I should buy it, oh yes before I forget let’s not forget about the price 😊

So let’s look into these points in a bit more detail for this review.


The keyboard can connect up to three different devices so it’s easy to change between them when needed. I have mine connected to my MacBook and my work laptop so I can change from one to the other with a press of a key or two. It also comes with a cable so you can plug it in directly to a PC (also used for charging). In general, the Bluetooth connection works well but it can sometimes be a bit slow or drop out which is annoying but it doesn’t happen all that often.

Typing Experience:

This was what I was really looking forward to trying out. I love typing on my MX keys so I wasn’t sure this was going to live up to what I had been used to, but it’s actually a really nice keyboard to type on. The keys themselves are really responsive and feel quite bouncy for want of another word which makes typing nice and easy. Then there is the noise that the keys make, this is what I really associate with mechanical keyboards and it does not disappoint and give that clicky typewriter kind of noise.


The keyboard is really nice looking, I am used to a low profile keyboard so this is a bit different, I do like how it looks like a keyboard that you would get in the 80s. It also comes with some cool RGB backlights which you can change the colours, as well as turning them on and off. I like having them on but this does reduce the battery life but you will still get a decent number of days of use before having to charge it again.

Size-wise this is not a massive keyboard but it’s not one that I would consider popping in my bag to take to work. It also comes with some different keycaps that you can change yourself, this is not something that I have tried yet but from what I have seen it’s fairly straightforward. It’s also compatible with both Mac and PC which I great as I go between the two.


Now the final point that I wanted to cover is the price of the keyboard. This is not the cheapest of keyboards but I managed to pick it up from Amazon for around the £85 mark. I do think that you are getting a very well-made, sturdy keyboard for that price as well as the ability to customise it by changing the keycaps.

All in All, I have really enjoyed using the Keycron K2 wireless keyboard. Mechanical Keyboards are defiantly fun to type on and comfortable when typing for a long time creating documents. Will I be expanding my collection I don’t think so I think that one is enough for me but if you have been thinking about getting one I would certainly say give it a go.


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