Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard Review

Logitech MX Mechincal Keyboard

So I have gone and expanded my mechanical keyboard collection again, moving away from my usual Keychron keyboards I decided to give Logitechs latest MX mechanical keyboard a go. This Keyboard comes in two sizes the full-size layout and then the mini which is the option that I went for.

Keyboard Design

I really like the look of this keyboard and it fits in on my desk setup very nicely. As already mentioned I went for the mini version of this keyboard, this tends to be the size that I prefer as I don’t use the number keypad at all. It also saves some space on my desk and keeps it looking aesthetically pleasing.

The keyboard comes in a Space Grey colour which I like as again it fits in with the colour scheme I have going on with my setup. You can get the MX mechanical keyboard in a pale grey as well but this only appears to be available on the MX mechanical keyboard for Mac.

This certainly feels like a solid bit of kit and does have a bit of weight behind it. the case is made from what they call graphite plastic which is made from 47% post-consumer recycled materials which is really nice to see when it comes to sustainability. The top case is made from low-carbon aluminium. I wouldn’t go throwing your new MX mechanical keyboard around but I think it will stand up well to everyday use and last you for a long time.

This has the same backlighting as my MX Keys Mini. It has a hand proximity sensor which will activate the lights when your hand get close. It will also auto-adjust to your room’s light levels, which is nice. You can also manually adjust the brightness using the function keys

One thing I miss when using this and not my KeyChron Keyboard is the RGB lighting. I think the RGB lighting brings a bit of fun to the keyboard and makes it look cool. So if you want a mechanical keyboard that has RGB lights then this may not be a keyboard for you.


This is a wireless keyboard that you can connect to up to three devices using Bluetooth. It also comes with the Logi Bolt receiver which you can directly plug into your laptop. I use the Logi bolt with my work laptop to make sure that I have the best connection throughout the day. I also have the keyboard connected to my MacBook Pro via Bluetooth and so far I have not experienced any loss of connection

As with my Logitech MX Keys and Keychron K2 & K3 Keyboard, it’s easy to switch between your devices by using the appropriate function keys

Amazon Link MX Keys Mini

Amazon link for Keychron K2

Amazon link for keychain K3


I only had the choice of quite tactile switches when ordering this as I choose UK English for the language. I would have probably chosen this anyway but it’s very annoying that by choosing UK English I wasn’t able to, maybe I should have just done with US International (QWERTY) and then I would have had the option.

I do still find that the keys are clicky enough for me and I like how responsive they are. I use this keyboard for work as well as with my personal MacBook Pro so I like the fact that it’s not they are not overly clicky switches so I can take notes whilst on conference calls.

I do like really clicky switches so when I want that I will switch over to my Keychron K2 Keyboard. I will generally use the K2 for writing blogs post and YT scripts when I am at my desk.


The keyboard comes with a USB-A to USB-C and it’s easy to charge it whilst using it if you need to. I have not had to charge my keyboard yet as I have only had it for about a week and a half.

the Logitech website states that you should get 15 days of charge with the backlighting on and up to 10 months if you don’t have the backlighting on. You can also save battery by turning the keyboard off when you are not using it. I also forget to do this but the good thing is that it’s easy enough to charge it and still be able to work.

Typing feel

I have found the typing experience to be very good. The keys are nice and bouncy and responsive, which makes me able to type for hours very comfortably. I still think that the keys are quite low profile but not as low profile as the MX keys which is what I was looking for.

If you want some keys that feel very bouncy (is that the right word) and click then you will need to go for those clicky switches which depending on where you are you will not be able to get.

MX Mechanical Keyboard Amazon Link


I do like this keyboard and find that it is great to type on for long periods of time. It is not quite as fun as my other Keychron mechanical keyboards and that’s mainly because of the RGB backlighting that you get with the Keychron keyboards.

From what I have experienced to date the battery life and connectivity are good and feels like it will be in line with my other mechanical keyboards. One thing that I liked seeing with MX mechanical keyboard is that it did come with the Logi Bolt receiver, it nice to have the option to have that I haven’t come across with my other keyboards.

As with all of my mechanical keyboard experience to date, this is not cheap. You are looking at paying around £149 for the mini version and £169 for the full-size version of the MX mechanical keyboard.

So I would say that the Logitech MX mechanical keyboard is pushing toward the more expensive range of mechanical keyboards. I am not sure I would want to pay any more than this for a keyboard but I say that sort of thing all the time.

I would say that this is worth a look, the price is quite steep but not too extreme from what I have seen in the mechanical keyboard space.

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