Spigen Ultra S Hybrid – Best Clear Case For iPhone

Pitcure of Spigen case

Table of Contents Introduction As much as I would like not to be able to rock a case on my phone, it’s a must. For me, this is the first thing I buy for my new phone, and my go-to in recent years has been a case from Spigen. I have recently started to go […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max – First Impressions

I have had the iPhone 15 Pro Max since its release date, and I wanted to share some of my first impressions on using the new iPhone. What are the differences from the 14 Pro Max, and are they really that big a difference and therefore worth upgrading? I am going to focus on a […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max – 5 Reasons to Upgrade?


With the launch day of the iPhone 15 lineup fast approaching, I thought I would take a look at whether or not it’s worth upgrading, in particular, to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Many bloggers and YouTube are saying that the iPhone has become boring with little innovation compared to what’s happening with Android phones, […]

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