How To Improve Your Writing With Notion AI

Imagine of Notion AI homepage

I have been Notion now for a good couple of years to organise my blog content and publishing schedule, recently I saw that that had added a new feature called Notion AI so I thought I would give it a try. What is Notion AI? Notion AI is an intelligent assistant that is designed to […]

How Tech Can Help To Build Habits

Atomic Habits

I have been trying to build healthy habits over the past year and it can be difficult. Remembering to do something or find the motivation to just get up and get it done. I was struggling and not getting anywhere, feeling demoralised by my lack of progress and or motivation. I started looking on the […]

How to use Notion for planning your content

Creating a content calendar is important for planning the content you want to create and so finding the right tool that works for you is key. Especailly when you are first starting out on your content journey (check out my why I started a side hustle blog) There is a number of tools that you […]

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