Do You Really Need a SmartWatch?

Now, you all know that I am a fan of the good old smartwatch, but recently, I have been thinking, could you get away with just using your Phone for tracking fitness? Most people always have their phones with them, so why couldn’t you get away with not buying an expensive smartwatch? So why am […]

Govee TV Lights Review – How to Get That Cinema Feel at Home

So in the box, you get the two smart light bars and a camera which I will touch on later. You will also get a power plug and a remote that will allow you to control the lights without the app. Setup: I found that the setup was straightforward and only took around 15-20min. You […]

Apple AirPods Max Review

Although I own the AirPod Pro’s which has excellent noise cancelling I made the decision that I wanted to upgrade to AirPods Max so I thought that it would be good to write a review on my experience to date with them. Comfort: You might think that they look a bit bulky and would be […]

Sonos Roam Review

A couple of weeks ago my other half picked up the new Sonos Roam, so I though why not write a quick review with our thoughts on the latest Sonos product. There are a few an areas that I want to go though in this review which will hopefully help you decide if this is […]

Apple AirTag Review

When Apple announced that the AirTag was going to be released I pre-ordered it ready to receive on the day of release. So after having my AirTag for a few days now I thought I would write a quick review with my initial thoughts on apples latest addition. What does it do? The AirTag is […]

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