Why I Am Sticking With My M1 iPad Pro

Picture of M1 iPad Pro has just had their latest event at which they announced the new iPad lineup. Many people will be or have already purchased one of the new iPads but personally, I am not going to jump on the bandwagon. I am going to be sticking with my 2020 M1 iPad Pro and in this post, I wanted to explain the reasons why I have no urge to upgrade this year or at least for now.

It Still Works:

Now if this was the new iPhone 16 Pro or Pro Max we were talking about I would be hitting the pre-order button as quickly as possible. But with the iPad, I don’t get the same urge and one of the main reasons is that my M1 iPad Pro still works as well as the day I bought it back in 2020. It is still more than quick enough and I very rarely if at all experience any lag of performance issues.


For me and how I use my iPad I don’t see that I would see a massive difference in performance. The M4 chip is of course a power house and if you are someone who is using your iPad for video editing or drawing etc. then this is for sure a worth upgrade. It will also make the Pro Apps even more Pro and handle them effortlessly with the additional power you get.

The way that I use my iPad doesn’t warrant needing that much firepower. My iPad is used for writing these blog posts, watching content and web browsing so the M1 one is more than powerful enough for me.


The new iPad is getting a lovely new Ultra Retina XDR display which will be great to watch content and play games on. You will also get anti-reflection coating alongside the 1,000 nits for the full screen and 1,600 for HDR peak brightness.

I find the display that I have on my current iPad is great and for the amount I use my iPad, I am happy to carry on with it for a bit longer.


The new iPads are the thinnest ever at just 5.1mm for the iPad Pro. This makes it even lighter and super portable which is the main thing for me about the iPad. But for me thats you are still getting the same design as previous models and you are still getting pretty much the same colours for the Pro model.

Final Thoughts:

I don’t see a good enough reason for me to upgrade at this point. The reason I say this at this time is because I want to see what comes with the upcoming new iPadOS. The new iPad has been designed with AI in mind so I am hoping that we are going to see something from Apple that turns the iPad into some that is closer to being able to replace my Laptop.

If that happens then some of the changes that have been made make the new iPad Pro a far more compelling device for me and maybe other everyday users. So for now I am going to hold off but for how long is to be seen 🙂


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