Oura Ring vs Apple Watch: Which Sleep Tracker is Best?

Picture of Apple Watch Ultra and Oura Ring

Table of Contents Have been using both the Oura Ring and the Apple Watch Ultra for over a year to track my sleep as well as my health and fitness. They both do a great job, but in this post, I wanted to review how both devices track your sleep and help you understand where […]

The Twists and Turns of Emergency Funds and Savings

Let’s dive into a topic that often gets as muddled as my grandma’s famous (and mysterious) casserole recipe – understanding the difference between your emergency fund and your savings. Yes, they’re as distinct as ketchup and chocolate (though I wouldn’t recommend combining those). Emergency Fund: Your ‘Oh No!’ Lifesaver Picture this: you’re cruising through life, […]

Digital Minimalism – 5 Tips for Success

I have been thinking more about my digital life and how it can impact our lives and moods. So I thought I would share what I have been focusing on to be more of a digital minimalist. Below are my five tips for success, but before that, let me explain what digital minimalism is. What […]

It’s Time To Look After Yourself And Chill Out A Little

Picture of calming river

It’s time to look after yourself and chill out a little bit. If you are someone who is constantly stressed, and you are someone who is overwhelmed with life, then it’s time to start taking care of number one. Up to this point, we can all but guarantee that you are the giver in the […]

3 Digital Detox Tips That Actually Work

Today’s world has become hyper-connected, with many people spending several hours on their smartphones and tablets. According to research, the average person in the UK spends about 4 hours and 14 minutes on their phones daily. The constant barrage of notifications, social media updates, and live streaming alerts can become too much without you even […]

Is Too Much Choice Stressing us Out?

stressed person.

Recently, I have been finding myself feeling more stressed, and I was really able to put my finger on why. But then I got to thinking I was constantly chopping and charging between my phones (Android & Apple) as well as other things. Which got me to thinking is my procrastination and inability to make […]

What is Apples New Journal App Going to Bring to the Table?

  At WWDC, Apple announced that they are going to be launching their Journal App with iOS17. I am a fan of journaling and personally use the Day One app to capture my thoughts on a day-to-day basis. So What is this Journal App going to bring to the table in the world of digital […]

7 Benefits of a Using a Digital Journal

Picture of a person typing

I have kept a journal on and off for about four years and tried paper and digital journals. I like the idea of a paper journal (I love stationary), but I find myself more drawn to a digital journal than the paper variety these days. And this is because there are numerous benefits to using […]

Oura Ring Review – One month on

Oura ring

I have been really getting into my health and fitness tracking recently with a keen focus on sleep tracking. Now I already have the Apple Watch Ultra which I have already talked about when it comes to health and fitness tracking (check it out here) but now I have a new tracker to bring to […]

Are you burning out WFH?

youtuber, blogger, screenwriter-2838945.jpg

I think that this is an interesting topic mainly because since the Pandemic most of us have been working from home (WFH), and I for one have found it very beneficial. However I do think that WFH and a Pandemic has led to potential burnout for many of us, we are spending more time than […]

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