Setapp Review – The Best Selection of App’s for your Mac

I recently came across an app subscription service called Setapp which was created by MacPaw who also created CleanMyMac X (another great app). So what is Setapp in a nutshell?

Setapp is an app platform that provides access to a number of premium Mac/iOS applications to power up your workflow. I personally have found that this is a really beneficial service for the monthly fee, but of course, how beneficial it is for you will be based on the sort of apps you use and need.

So let’s have a look at some of the key areas to consider when looking at whether or not to sign up to Setapp.

  1. Interface Design
  2. Setapp Apps
  3. Setapp Price

Setapp Interface Design

On your MacBook or Mac, you can download the Setapp App; although this is not available in the App Store for Macs, it is easy to download from the Setapp website. Once you have the app on your Mac, the interface is well laid out, and it is easy to navigate to find the app(s) that you want.

On the left-hand side of the app, you will find a simple navigation bar that provides you with a handful of options to search, whether that be in the all apps category or if you want to search via a collection. There are also helpful how-to guides which help you to solve tasks by using apps together.

Setapp also provides App guides for a number of the Apps that they have available. They help you to master the app itself as well as unlock any of the hidden features. I like the fact that there is a link to download the App at the bottom of the article, so you don’t need to navigate away to find it and download it.

Setapp Apps

Setapp has 240+ paid apps available on their platform for macOS and iOS. Setapp partners with developers and hand-picks advanced functionality paid apps which address people’s challenges of updating their workflows to be as efficient as possible.

As mentioned before, Setapp groups certain apps together into what they call collections. These collections are great for if you are looking for an app in a specific category like Productivity.

This is a great way to explore apps that you may not have come across before. The Setapp platform also uses AI-driven search to help you find the tool that best fits your ask. Just go to the search function and type the task you are trying to do. This allows you to find the app you need faster, saving you time searching the App Store.

Each app on Setapp has transparent reviews that help you choose the right app to meet your expectations. You can also see the % rating at the side of the app, which gives you a good indication at a glance if it’s a quality app or not. When you are in all apps sections, you will also see what’s new and which apps are hot for you to look at.

Setapp Price

This is a subscription service, so there is a monthly fee of £9.99 (£119 Yearly). For this price, you have access to over 240+ paid apps, so you will definitely be getting value for your money. For example, lets look at the cost of a few popular apps.

Ulysses – £5.99 p/m (£71 Yearly)

CleanMyMac X – £39.95 Yearly

MindNode -£2.99 p/m (£19.99 Yearly)

Spark – £4.99 p/m (£59.99 Yearly)

As you can see, if you use more than a couple of paid apps through the Setapp app platform, you are going to make a saving. And the beauty is that you can download as many of these high-quality apps as you want under your subscription. I personally have all the apps that are mentioned above, so I am saving over £71 a year by using the Setapp platform.

Setup offers a 7-day trial, so you can try before you buy, and after that, you will be charged the £ 9.99 monthly subscription fee.

Final Thoughts

I think that Setapp is a great way to explore and find quality paid apps that will improve your workflow without paying a load of money. I have personally found that writing my blog using a writing app like Ulysses has really helped me streamline my blog production process for me. It’s very much worth it.

So why not check them out if you have a Mac in your workflow and are looking to streamline its useful apps?


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