Benks iPad Pen Review – Best Apple Pencil Alternative?

Photo of Benks iPad Pen

Table of Contents I don’t know about you, but I love my iPad, particularly iPad accessories that make it a productivity beast. So when I received the Benks iPad Pen, I was excited to try it and see if it could be the best Apple Pencil alternative out there. So first up, let’s just run […]

iPad Mini 6 Accessories: Essential Picks for Your Tablet

The iPad Mini 6 has taken the tablet market by storm, and it’s no surprise that users are eager to find the perfect accessories to enhance their experience with this powerful yet compact device. There is an impressive range of accessories designed specifically for the iPad Mini 6, from essential chargers and adaptors to stylish […]

My 6 Must Have Accessories for the iPad & iPad Pro

Although I think that iPad Pro is a beast of a device on its own there are a few accessories that I have added to it to make it even better. I think whatever the main purpose for using your iPad, whether that be for productivity or content consumption there is something on this list […]

The Three Things That I Use the Apple Pencil for

In today’s blog, I wanted to give some love to the Apple Pencil and talk about the 3 things that I use it for other than it looking pretty on my iPad. I can’t say that I use the Pencil all that much and wish that I did as it is lovely to use, especially […]

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