Do You Really Need to go for the Pro Model iPhone?

I have had the Pro version of the iPhone for years, but this year I got to thinking, do you really need to go Pro? What is it that you are getting for that extra few hundred pounds? So I did something that many would consider to be stupid and ill thoughts out. I downgraded […]

Why I Returned My Samsung S23 Ultra

Samsung S23 Ultra

This week I decided to get the S23 Ultra and Return the S23 Ultra. What are you doing some of you might say and I asked myself the same question. Did I buy it out of creator FOMO? Maybe, well yes I did, but I did want to see what all the fuss was about […]

Why the iPhone 14 Pro is still my personal daily driver

I have been enjoying using the Google Pixel 7 Pro over the past month or so but for me, the iPhone 14 pro remains my personal driver. The 14 Pro is the phone that continues to have my main personal sim in and below are some of the reason why, but I think first I […]

Apple iPhone 14 Pro – My First Month Review

Picture of my Apple iPhone 14 Pro

It’s been roughly 4 weeks since I upgraded from my Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max to the Apple iPhone 14 Pro so do I think that it’s a worthy upgrade? I would say that the answer is Yes and No, do I like the new features that would be a yes, would my 13 Pro […]

iPhone 14 Pro – is it worth upgrading?

I have to say that I was on the fence this year on whether to upgrade from my 13 Pro Max to the 14 Pro or Pro Max but after the Apple Event I was straight in there with the pre-order. Why not upgrade to the 14 or 14 Plus? Well from my perspective there […]

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