Why the iPhone 14 Pro is still my personal daily driver

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I have been enjoying using the Google Pixel 7 Pro over the past month or so but for me, the iPhone 14 pro remains my personal driver. The 14 Pro is the phone that continues to have my main personal sim in and below are some of the reason why, but I think first I should state that most of my friends and family use an iPhone so this play a big part in some of the following points.

Shared Calendar:

I have started to use the share calendar option in the apple calendar app more and more recently. This is a great way of keeping everyone in the household in sync with what we have coming up. This is especially useful when we need to keep track of when we are away for work and what is coming up in terms of school events, parties etc.

I know that you can share Calendars such as Google Calendars but I actually prefer the layout of the Apple Calendar and also my other half uses it. I like the integration it provides when I book a table or get an appointment confirmation I can just add it to my calendar and everyone in that Shared Calendar has visibility as well.

Notes & Reminders Apps:

I am a big fan of the native Apple Notes and Reminders apps and the reason been they are just nice and simple to use. This is my go to if I want to capture an idea for a blog post or for a Youtube Video. It gives me all the functionality I need and if I want to I can share that note with other people from my contacts to collaborate or just share the information in that note.

They also sync across all my devices, and because all my other devices are apple this is just seamless. This is not to say that you can not get 3rd Party app that does the same but I find for quick capture notes/ideas notes just works best for me and the same with reminders.

Copy & Paste between devices

This is one that I didn’t think that I used all that much and wouldn’t miss when using an Android phone but it turns out I am using it more and more. Being able to copy something from one of your apple devices and then paste it on another is just a great feature and saves time messing about in transferring some information or just copying a website address.


I absolutely love this feature. When you are sent a code to your mobile number to access a site or one of your accounts, not having to go into your message app and back to the app or website is awesome. Rather than going back and forward from your messages just being able to tap the code that comes up in the app or website is brilliant. I would say this is one of my favourite features when it comes to the Apple Ecosystem.


I have mentioned this in a previous post but for me, Facetime is the best for quality when it comes to video calling. Again as most of if not all of my family are on iPhones so this is the video app of choice and I can also use it on my Mac and iPad. Whats App is ok and works well enough but still not at the level of Facetime in my opinion.

Apple Watch:

For me, this is the big one. For all the others I could find workarounds which might be cumbersome and not ideal but doable. What will keep me routed to the iPhone 14 pro is the Apple Watch or in my case the Apple Watch Ultra. I just haven’t found a smartwatch that I would be happy to replace my apple watch with, and because you need an iPhone for the watch to work you have your hands tied.

Health Tracking:

So this links into the above as most of the tracking is done through the watch. Now there are other phones and watches that track all the same sorts of things but for my, I find that the Health App on the iPhone 14 pro just works better for me in terms of layout and how easy I find it to access the data I want and need to look at. Also because I have been using an Apple Watch and iPhone for years it has my historical data.


The above is what I would consider being the main reasons why I have put my personal sim into the Pixel 7 Pro and that remains to be my backup device. As you can see most of the reasons are down to the software and Apple Ecosystem more than the actual device. I wouldn’t say that it is the hardware that keeps me wedded although it’s very nice indeed. I generally like how all my apple devices integrate and seamlessly work (well nearly all the time).

Google and Samsung are also investing in their Ecosystems but for me, they are still a bit behind that of Apple’s. It’s going to be interesting to see other the next few years how these two close the gap as it seems the ecosystem that companies provide is becoming more and more a key part of people’s purchasing decisions.

There are other bonuses such as Apple Car Play which I have in my Mini, so this is great for when I want to listen to an audiobook or to keep up to date with my message without having to use my phone.

So there you have these are the reason why I continue to have the iPhone 14 pro as my main phone. Will this change overtime? Who knows but at present I can’t see it happening because of the above.


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