The Keychron K3 Mechanical Keyboard Review – My New Favourite Keyboard?

My journey into the world of mechanical keyboards continues as I recently purchased myself a new Keychron Keyboard, this time I went for the low profile K3. This is the second Keychron that I have bought with the first one being the Keychron K2. I have enjoyed the experience of both these mechanical keyboards but I have to say I think that the K3 might just be my new favourite keyboard, so let’s dive into why. 


So this is not something that I was aware of and didn’t cover in my review of the K2. On the K2 I didn’t pay any attention to what switches I choose and ended up with the very clicky blue switches (I didn’t know these were that clicky) whereas with the K3 I have opted for the less clicky red linear switches. Again I am not an expert in this area but for me, I certainly prefer the red switches over the blue. Mainly because they still give a great sound but not quite as loud which is good for when on calls and taking notes (have had people ask for me to stop typing). 

Keyboard Design:

The K3 have a very sleek and compact design. The keyboard itself has a low profile case which adds to it being very compact and you don’t see much of the case at all, the keys go right to the edge of the case compared to the K2. The body itself is made from Aluminium so it feels very sturdy and well made giving it an all round premium feel. It super lights as well compared to the K2 keyboard. 

It has a 75% footprint which allows for access to all the essential multimedia and functions keys with a nice small footprint. This is very much a keyboard designed with productivity in mind. It also comes with an ergonomic two level adjustable rubber feet so you can adjust it to the right angle for you for a comfortable typing experience. 


Like the K2 this K3 can be connected to up to 3 devices and is also Mac and Windows compatible. I love this as you switch between windows and Mac using the switch at the top of the body of the keyboard. So it’s super easy for me to switch between work and personal devices. 

This is a wireless keyboard but it does also come with a cable so you can directly connect it to your laptop/PC. I do use this when I am working on my windows work laptop just for that added bit of stability of a direct connection. On my MacBook, I go wireless but it will lose connection if you don’t use it for a period of time, hence the direct connection when at work. This is the same for both the K2 and K3 keyboards. 

RGB Lights:

This is probably my favourite feature (who doesn’t love a bit of RGB lighting). The keyboard has 18 backlight settings, yes that’s right 18. You can adjust the brightness and colour to suit your environment and or mood. This just adds a bit of fun to using this keyboard and it’s easy to switch up the lighting options. Again the K2 has RGB lighting as well and it’s something that I have enjoyed about these mechanical keyboards. My Logitech MX Keys (another great keyboard) are backlit but not with RGB lights. 

Charging/Battery Life:

I haven’t had to charge this as yet as I have not long had it but it says that you can get unto 34hours of battery life on the lowest brightness. It charges using a USB-C cable which plugs into the top of the body which I think is so much better than on the side like the K2. It makes it so much easier to work with whilst charging as it’s on the top and doesn’t get in the way at all. 

Overall Typing Experience:

I have really enjoyed typing on this keyboard, it has a nice tactile feel to it. I love the sound and feel of the keys when typing and it is certainly comfortable which is important when your job consists of working on a computer all day. 


So this is turning into a slightly expensive hobby, I paid about £90 for this keyboard which is cheaper than some of the other keyboards out there. But I have found that this is the sort of price point that you are going to be looking at for a decent mechanical keyboard. 


I really like this keyboard and just expanding my love for a mechanical keyboard. Is it my new favourite keyboard? For the moment yes and can see it being for the foreseeable future. But part of the joy of having several keyboards is that you can mix it up now and then. 

On a serious note, I would say that if you are looking for a tactile, low profile mechanical keyboard then I would recommend giving this a good look. I don’t think that you will be disappointed. 


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